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  • Finesse Apodaca

    Finesse Apodaca

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    Daniel Febles

  • Quirina Lopez

    Quirina Lopez

  • Ismael Lopez

    Ismael Lopez




Four people who allegedly broke into vehicles of hikers and bike riders parked at trailheads in Jefferson, Boulder and Broomfield counties have been accused of using credit cards they stole to buy thousands of dollars of merchandise from metro Denver stores.

The state grand jury identified the members of the ring as Ismael Lopez, 37, Quirina Lopez, 28, Finesse Apodaca, 25, and Daniel Febles, 43.

According to the indictment, the four would scout trailheads and mountain parks from a white minivan and break into the vehicles and steal purses, wallets and other personal items.

Some of the other items taken included bags, checkbooks, jewelry, cameras and clothing.

They are accused of using credit cards stolen from the vehicles to make purchases such as video games, gift cards, groceries and electronics.

The grand jury said the ring operated between July and September 2008.

Ismael and Quirina Lopez, as well as Apodaca, are accused of racketeering. The three are accused of myriad other crimes, including theft, criminal trespass and identity theft.

Febles is accused of identity theft and theft.

Among the parks and trailheads targeted were Settler’s Park Trailhead, the Greenbelt Plateau Trailhead, the Bobolink Trailhead and the Flatirons Vista Trailhead, all in Boulder County. Also targeted were vehicles at Crown Hill Open Space Park in Lakewood, Broomfield Commons Park in Broomfield and Tom Frost Reservoir in Broomfield.

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Archived comments

More information would be a nice thing here…


3/20/2009 12:25:49 AM

Friggin Mexicans, Kick them the heck out.This is what you get for letting them run rampant. rats..

3/20/2009 12:42:26 AM

Very politically uncorrect, but this is why I can’t support illegal immigrants coming to this country. This and my high car insurance rates due to uninsured illegals and mexicans getting free health care and housing in Boulder while the middle class dude foots the bill for companies like Breadworks that want to hire illegals cheap. Companies get cheap employees, they make cash or money on someone else’s name and social, look like they have nothing, qualify for lots of free services, while you’re the only sucker paying your taxes. Makes no sense to me.


3/20/2009 1:23:51 AM

What is there in this story to indicate that these people are Mexicans?? Please provide further information.


3/20/2009 1:40:21 AM

Throw the book at them.People who steal when others are trying to have fun are the lowest of the low.


3/20/2009 2:42:32 AM

Where does it say that they are illegal aliens? Interesting piece on how “White People are Scary” here:


3/20/2009 5:38:24 AM

Danimal…are you kidding? Here’s where it says that, “Ismael Lopez, Quirina Lopez, Finesse Apodaca, Daniel Febles”. I don’t know many Germans with those last names. But then again, based on your seemingly innocuous message, I’m sure that you would do anything to defend Mexican thiefs for the sake of political correctness.


3/20/2009 7:37:33 AM

If I ever get into the porn business, I am changing my name to “Finesse Apodaca”


3/20/2009 7:55:18 AM


There are many nations that have last names like that, including the USA. The article just states names, not country of origin or resident status.


3/20/2009 8:09:01 AM

This is exactly why I prefer to wear all of my “bling” while out on the trail.It’s unlikely to be stolen and I can look wealthy at the same time.

3/20/2009 8:34:12 AM


3/20/2009 8:35:09 AM

Go ahead,

Keep burying all of your heads in the sand, deny all you want.We have a HUGE, crime problem right now being propogated by illegals- end of story.

Of course the article did not mention their status, this is the Camera,the Post does the same thing.


3/20/2009 8:57:54 AM

Daniel Febles was our assistant baseball coach for Boulder High in the 90’s.And no, he is not an illegal immigrant as some have posted…..


3/20/2009 9:00:16 AM


Go ahead, jump to all the conclusions you want without having all the facts. That’s having your head buried somewhere other than the sand.

Yes, we have a crime problem. Some of it is due to illegals. Some of it is not. Get a pitchfork and raise a mob while your at it. Let’s see how much additional racist crap can be thrown around in a city that “celebrates diversity” via bumper sticker.


3/20/2009 9:03:11 AM

if you want to spout hatred for a group of people try Meth users it doesn’t matter the race, that’s the reason for the break-ins…


3/20/2009 9:22:11 AM

mexican gang. Illegals.

Just how it is.


3/20/2009 9:29:24 AM

Thanks PM for the great idea!I am just practicing some of the “diversity” that you claim to embrace.

Call me all the names that you choose, doesn’t bother me one iota.Truth hurts sometimes, and folks such as you are always hurling the same, tired, rhetoric to counter those of us who truly understand the issues and the problems.

My statement may have been stereotypical, but was more of a question than anything, so where in the h*ll do you get off calling me a racist.

I will take my turn and call you a moron.

Buenas Dias!


3/20/2009 9:43:42 AM

Enjoy prison, scumbags.


3/20/2009 10:07:09 AM

Is Finesse naked?”Pan down! I wanna see…” – Booger, Revenge of the Nerds


3/20/2009 10:21:53 AM

Illegals mexicans, aren’t they all?Have fun in prison losers. Now I can enjoy myself when i hit the trails. This stuff has been happening fora while.

3/20/2009 10:23:02 AM

Viper – That was one of the best apologies in the world.You should be working for the Obama team.


3/20/2009 10:23:28 AM

Hey you four dudes, the really good stuff is carried on the bikers while they are on the trails. Most all are filthy rich (the rest are just rich) and easy to meet.

Thought I’d give a hint because the charges are likely to be plea bargained down to littering because Finesse Apodaca striped down in front of the Attorney General.


3/20/2009 11:45:56 AM


If you are posing a question use a question mark “?”.

If you spout crap that can be taken as racially offensive when it is obvious that you don’t have all the facts because they were not in the article prepare to have people think you are a racist. Even though I did not specifically call you a racist you might be able to get a clue on why some might think you are.


3/20/2009 1:51:00 PM

Thank you, Mexico.


3/20/2009 2:57:52 PM

I don’t care where they’re from, they need to have their hands smashed in a car door, thieving scum.


3/20/2009 3:07:39 PM

Finesse definitely wins the Meth Face of The Year award.Congrats, little lady!


3/20/2009 8:05:45 PM

“Posted by bouldermeister on March 20, 2009 at 7:55 a.m. (Suggest removal)

If I ever get into the porn business, I am changing my name to “Finesse Apodaca””



3/21/2009 11:00:34 AM


How can we engage in an intellectual conversation when it is obvious that you are devoid of any intellect whatsoever.

The best you can retort is a comment about a question mark?You use the term racist in your intial comment regarding my post and are questioning why I mayconstrue this as you calling me one?

Good lord,what did you do in school whilst your parents were working their tails off to support you, eating the paste?

You epitomize the left-leaning,no, check that, stumbling demographic in our society, who would rather emote and spew politically correct rants rather than to engage in intellectual debate.

That said,I am done with you.


3/20/2009 2:36:53 PM


Wow, you spew racist crap based only on assumptions and you wonder why people have issues with you. Even more misguided assumptions on my education, political bend, and up bringing. What a pathetic, angry little person you are.


3/20/2009 2:45:12 PM

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