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BOULDER, Colo. –

The Jitterbuffs, the University of Colorado’s swing dance group, are ready to take back their title.

The sixth-annual Intercollegiate Swing Battle, hosted by CU, is this weekend on campus in the Glenn Miller Ballroom. CU won in 2007 and Colorado State University won last year.

Jitterbuffs dancer Samantha Taylor, a CU junior, said CSU is the group’s big competition.

“It’s usually a big rivalry between us and CSU as far as every sport goes,” said Taylor, who has danced with the team for two-and-a-half years. “This year, we’ll take it back.”

Senior Callie Colberg said the competition initially began between the two Colorado schools, but it has grown every year. Now she said about nine schools are participating.

In addition to CSU, University of Northern Colorado, Air Force Academy and the Colorado School of Mines, as well as schools from Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah, will compete.

Colberg usually dances with the Jitterbuffs, but is sitting out this year due to an injury. Helping with the choreography, Colberg said she’s confident the team will do great this year.

“I really do think we have a chance this year,” Colberg said. “We have one of the strongest teams in the region. Many of the CU dancers also dance in a semi-pro league in Denver called Atomic Rhythm. … So we have a lot of dancers who are getting professional training — above and beyond what we do at CU.”

Colberg said the Jitterbuffs’ routine has an edge that will beat out the competition.

“We’ve never danced to modern music; we always stick to pretty classic, big-band swing,” Colberg said. “Our choreographer has infused a little bit of modern dance into our swing competition for this year.”

Choreographer Cassiope Sydoriak, a CU senior, said the group wanted to put together a routine that would pump up the audience.

“We were trying to really make the routine different,” Sydoriak said. “So we added a little bit more spice.”

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