Paul Tiger
Paul Tiger


A Boulder County political and gun activist who pleaded guilty in 2007 to menacing a traffic-control flagger with a handgun pleaded guilty Thursday to accusations that he tried to sell Longmont rescue vehicles online.

Paul Tiger, 51, of Longmont, is accused of posting an unauthorized Craigslist ad offering to sell all of the Longmont Emergency Unit’s cars and trucks for the asking price of $1,000.

Longmont police Cmdr. Tim Lewis said police believe Tiger, who is not affiliated with the unit, placed the ad about Nov. 19 last year.

The fraudulent ad, Lewis said, told prospective buyers that, “Due to gross mismanagement, acute apathy, criminal negligence and lack of leadership of the Longmont Emergency Unit, the LEU is forced to liquidate its rolling stock.”

No one from the volunteer, nonprofit group could be reached for comment Thursday, but Lewis said he’s sure the vehicles weren’t really for sale. Tiger didn’t return several phone and e-mail messages seeking comment.

Investigators interviewed Tiger on Dec. 1, Lewis said, and decided to issue him a ticket for misdemeanor harassment. On Thursday, Tiger pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct. He was ordered to pay a $26 fine and serve 36 hours of community service.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dismissed the harassment count. They also dropped a complaint that by being charged with a new crime, Tiger violated the terms of a two-year deferred sentence stemming from a 2007 incident involving a gun.

Tiger, who has run for numerous elected positions in Boulder County as a Libertarian candidate, was charged in 2007 with felony menacing after confronting a road worker near the intersection of South Sunset Street and Nelson Road because of road closures and detours near his business.

The flagger told police Tiger was upset and returned later with a gun, which he gripped while saying, “I bet you’ll have a civil tongue about you now, won’t you?”

According to court records, Tiger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor menacing charge and received a two-year deferred sentence that ends Sept. 10.

In 2004, an upset Tiger came to the Camera’s lobby with a loaded Colt .38 strapped to his hip. He was frustrated that the paper hadn’t yet covered his candidacy for county commissioner.

In 1989, Tiger was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing. He said a man in a flat-bed truck was harassing him and that he pulled out a pistol.

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Gun freaks are such stable citizens.


4/2/2009 7:21:10 PM

As soon as I saw the headline I knew who the person had to be.


4/2/2009 7:25:00 PM

This kook is why the world is so funny…….what a krack pot.


4/2/2009 7:47:42 PM

He should team up with the email guy from Lyons.


4/2/2009 8:23:36 PM

I know this man and he is the real deal.If he doesn’t like it, he tells you so.If he doesn’t agree he takes action to make changes.Kind of sounds like Clint Eastwood in his movies doesn’t it?Well it is!This guy is for real and he doesn’t let the law or any other form of bullpucky dictate.$26, now that’s really making this dude shake in his boots!Lordy, lordy, lordy… what will a man do…. I’ll buy a 44mag with a 6 inch barrel please.It’s my right!

Go Paul, I wish we were all like you, the world would be a better place!smithoman


4/2/2009 8:48:44 PM

Well, I guess he tried to stand up to the crippling bureaucracy our country has become mired in. I’ll give him credit for that. They don’t give us many legitimate chances to fight anymore.


4/2/2009 9:04:43 PM

Once again the fanatical gun nuts prove their mental instability.

Perhaps a Psychological Exam should be required before anyone is allowed to purchase a gun.


4/2/2009 10:27:45 PM

It’s a total load of crap that the word gun is even in this article.The only reason it’s there is to stir the pot with the anti gun left.This story has absolutely nothing to do with guns yet it’s there in the headlines because the Camera has a position against this person.

Open carry,(“Tiger came to the Camera’s lobby with a loaded Colt .38 strapped to his hip”) is completely legal in this state!Unless the camera’s office has a sign stating otherwise there was no crime committed.

There are far more news stories that mimic this one that have nothing to do with guns or people that posses,own or carry!


4/2/2009 11:03:20 PM



4/3/2009 3:52:21 AM

This nonsense is repeated ad nauseum. The editorial staff of the Camera always brings up years old editorial jazz and touts it as NEWS!!!

A year ago there was an idea to repeal grocery taxes in Longmont and rather that respond to the idea of reducing taxes, the Clint Talbot wrote an editorial about firearms. Libertarians must either want everyone to have a gun or legalize drugs as per Camera knowledge of the known universe. Lower taxes and government limited to the constitution can’t possibly be an option. The writer of this piece can’t really take credit for its content, because none of it is in the present. $26 is court costs for a petty offense, not a fine. It’s on par with jay walking. The facts of the case can’t possibly matter, only that there is a Libertarian involved. A Libertarian with seven years of elections reform experience in a county with the worst elections track record in the state can’t possibly be impactful. Seeking transparency in government; revealing shoddy bookkeeping practices and persecutions of religious groups can all be met with – they have guns! Oh come on, let’s have some serious reporting …


4/3/2009 5:29:24 AM

Hey Smithomon – when Tiger ran for city council he intentionally violated the city’s election code by giving $100 to his opponent and challeged the city attorney to prosecute him, which couldn’t be done, because the code was swiss cheese. After the election he got a seat on the committee that revised the code. The Camera didn’t report that Crime Wave in Longmont, or any comparisons between the cheesey campaign finance codes that Boulder has with Longmont’s. Betcha if there’d been a gun or a bong involved it would have been on the front page above the fold.


4/3/2009 5:48:42 AM

I commend Tiger’s insistence on his principles, and his frustration with all manner of governments and governmental goings-on. However, he needs to tone down the political theater, to make his arguments more effective, IMHO.

On the other hand, I wonder why the DC doesn’t reference the more-sordid aspects of the pasts of other public figures. Could it be that the DC is gunning for (pardon the pun) Tiger specifically or Libertarians generally? Perish the thought!


4/3/2009 7:23:30 AM

Sounds to me like a little man who needs to hide behind a gun. What’s wrong, little man — did you get pushed around a little too much in junior high?

Keep waving those guns around, and someone’s gonna put you in your place. And it won’t be the law.


4/3/2009 7:43:27 AM

Dude, you have some dirt on your lip.


4/3/2009 8:03:51 AM

Praise the man for taking action and trying to enact change but dude your tactics stink! I dont know but seems there might be a better way then scaring somene into agreement with you.


4/3/2009 8:59:56 AM

Sarcasm and off-beat humor – protectedspeech (first amendment, US Constitution).Kind of a unique way to diss the Longmont EU, if you ask me!

This will get thrown out, no problem.It’s just a DA trying to teach him a lesson and get some cred as being tough, and by doing so, will cost this guy some attorney’s fees.

And the rehashing of the dudes gun incident sure brought out the anti-2nd amendment crowd early, eh?Not a surprising tactic by the anti-firearm Daily Camera.See, they’re using their same first amendment rights to re-print old news and paint this guy in a bad way.

(btw – yes, I think he’s a loony tune, but he has the right to be….)


4/3/2009 9:17:50 AM

This guy seems to have some issues, expresses himself sometimes in very inappropriate ways; seems unstable. I’d feel safer if people like him didn’t have firearms.


4/3/2009 9:18:09 AM

This nitwit give gun owners a bad name. I hope he gets serious jail time for his gun crime !!………


4/3/2009 9:38:43 AM

“Gun Activist” = bad, readers who only read every other sentence and then post a comment = good.

Funny and sad.

This guy has proven over the years that he’s just a little off, and he feeds the need of the DC headline writers to sensationalize.

Ya gotta admit, it’s just a little hilarious to put this stuff up for sale on craigslist.At the same time its a little disappointing to see the local govt take it so seriously.


4/3/2009 10:01:41 AM

Gun basics 101- Never pull a gun unless you are protecting your life and you are going to use the gun..

This guy is just a gun waving punk who gives firearms a bad name.


4/3/2009 10:14:06 AM

If I were casting a movie and one of the characters was a pedophile, I would show casting agents the above photo and say, “Give me someone with this look.”

No, I’m not saying he’s a pedo. But, he would certainly work in this SNL skit:


4/3/2009 9:38:29 AM

The article is not about guns, or this guy’s past problems, as stupid as those are.

It’s about the fact he put the emergency unit vehicles up for sale on craigslist, and the local govt got it’s britches in a bunch about it.

The DC is attempting to portray this guy as representative of gun owners, don’t fall for their mis-direction.

If someone with an impeccable past history, say Ward Churchill, had listed these vehicles on craigslist, it would be considered comedic.


4/3/2009 11:10:42 AM

If WC had put them on craigslist then afew days later when they were needed WC would say it was a goverment conspirecy! Then when it went to court he would say he was being picked on for his 9/11 essay. When the DC posted teh story WC would copy and past it to the New York Times and say he wrote it under a different name. LOL


4/3/2009 1:12:04 PM

A few smart readers have noticed that Mr. Tiger’s recent problem was about a craigslist ad. The internet is a wonderful thing for those that know how to use it. Rather than rely on the DC for ALL the news. WC got a $1 settlement. Tiger never drew his pistol in something that happened 3 years ago. Tiger was convicted of a petty offense and there was NO fine.

The Camera writes about Longmont as though it were the slum of BC, but it keeps growing with ex-patriots of Boulder who can’t afford to live there anymore, or figure out they just don’t fit in.


4/3/2009 4:54:31 PM

Guns Guns Guns … the Camera loves Guns – especially when sold in Longmont. If smithoman wants to by a 44 mag, he has to go to Longmont to buy one, cause Boulder is a Gun Free Zone. Ever tried to post an ad on the Boulder Craigslist? My ads for my table saw get flagged as inappropriate. I wonder if that’s because Boulder can’t TAX sales on CL. Get this … Longmont’s rescue group has been trying to sell some of their equipment. If you want to buy anything from them there’s a $26 fee and 36 hours of community service. Maybe they’ll trade for a 44 mag. Don’t all CL deals involve a Gun?


4/3/2009 5:16:50 PM

Hairy Tiger – hmmm. What do you think? Doesn’t quite have the same ring as Dirty Harry and he’s going to have to work on his sneer.But we all have to start somewhere.


4/3/2009 8:41:57 PM

Just noticed this in the paper to the east


Prankster gets community service

LONGMONT â A former Longmont Emergency Unit member was sentenced Thursday to 36 hours of community service after pleading guilty to petty disorderly conduct.

Paul Tiger, who has run unsuccessfully several times for local political offices, pleaded guilty to posting a fake Internet ad offering LEU for sale in November. He said in December that the ad was “tongue-in-cheek” and suggested that the unit had to be sold over “incompetence, negligence, or whatever.” The ad angered LEU members, who reported it to police.

Tiger is serving a two-year deferred sentence from an incident in which he was accused of brandishing a gun during an argument with a construction worker in 2007. That deferred sentence was not revoked as a result of Thursday’s plea.


No editorial comments about unrelated stuff. Also shows that Tiger was a member of LEU, as opposed to Urie’s claim that he wasn’t affiliated with the group.

If there’s a Gun in someone’s past, then the DC has spin spin spin


4/3/2009 10:40:42 PM

This idiot is very representative of your basic NRA nutjob – ignorant and dangerous. They are unable to get anywhere in life with their marginal intelligence, and resort to ridiculous weaponry in a vain attempt to prove their manhood. In fact, it proves just the opposite…

Paul tiger has been one of Boulder/Longmont’s village idiots for years, and he is a danger to the public. Lock this fool up!


4/4/2009 12:50:09 PM

How sad the search for truth no longer has meaning in journalism or in Boulder County governments. A fair and balanced story would have looked into why the LEU has never been audited on how it used City of Longmont funds and whether there has been an abuse of power in this case by both LEU and the City of Longmont before criminal charges were filed. Something does not add up here and DC’s apparent anti-second Amendment Agenda clouds the issue.


4/7/2009 7:29:38 AM