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Employees of a Lafayette massage parlor are under investigation for prostitution after customers told police they paid for sexual favors there, according to a search warrant.

The Boulder County Drug Task Force began investigating Body Fitness Massage, 550 W. South Boulder Road, in October after someone told Lafayette police something seemed to be “suspicious,” the warrant said.

Investigators began surveillance, and reported the following:

On March 4, officers saw a man park his car in front of a nearby bowling alley, then walk to the massage parlor. Detective David Self stopped the man when he left an hour later.

“I told the male that I suspected there was more than massages going on,” Self wrote in the warrant.

After some prodding about why he parked outside a different business, the man admitted that his masseuse asked if he wanted a “happy ending,” then performed a sex act, Self wrote. He said he’d been to the parlor three times in the past year and had received “sexual contact from a lady inside the parlor on the last two occasions.”

A week later, an officer contacted another man leaving the business. That man parked about 200 yards away and also admitted to receiving more than a massage, adding: “It is happening everywhere.”

He said his masseuse offered him “something extra,” and he agreed to pay $40 more for “the special.”

When officers searched the business March 17, they recovered passports, a digital camera, paperwork and thousands of dollars in cash, according to court documents.

No one has been arrested in the case, but sheriff’s Cmdr. Tommy Sloan said the task force hopes to issue arrest warrants for two employees in the next few weeks.

The owners, who couldn’t be reached Wednesday, live out of state and have denied knowledge of any wrongdoing, Sloan said.

Archived comments

“When officers searched the business March 17, they recovered passports, a digital camera, paperwork and thousands of dollars in cash, according to court documents.”

Well, none of those items are suspicious. And they didn’t catch anyone in the act did they? Did they send a detective in pretending to be a regular customer?

So all they have are a couple guys stupid enough to admit something happened? Is that even enough to prosecute a case?

That’s some fine police work there, Lou.


4/1/2009 7:22:40 PM

In this time of gloom and doom what’s the problem with a little happiness?


4/1/2009 7:23:07 PM

Stanley O’Neal was paid $250 million for running Merrill Lynch into the ground and putting the U.S.A at risk of going under.He now lives in a mansion with his millions.

So you’re telling me the cops are on look out for some dope who paid $40 for a handjob?It seems like the cops watch the wrong guys.


4/1/2009 7:51:53 PM

since when are our rights to privacy been taken away when walking from one business to another. Is it really any of the cops business on that stuff?? I just say “Piss off you pigs”? Maybe after the nice massage, I am walking over to the convenience store to get me some crisps. Lots of illegal activity in that move too. Worry about more important stuff.


4/1/2009 7:59:52 PM

Who cares what two consenting adults do in private?

4/1/2009 8:21:08 PM

What’s the crime here, again?


4/1/2009 8:21:33 PM

Better with a masseuse than with a street walking wh0r3, I suppose…

I wonder how many, if any, officers decided to investigate this themselves while off duty?


4/1/2009 8:34:03 PM

Are these the same cops who tased and subsequently killed a dope growing twentysomething ?

Now they are busting handjobbers…

Dont you all feel soooo much safer ??

The lafayette pd = keystone cops…


4/1/2009 9:01:28 PM

Note to Self…

ah…nevermind …


4/1/2009 9:05:48 PM

At least there’s one open business in this blighted section of downtown Lafayette.


4/1/2009 10:05:52 PM

I think these people stumbled on to a great way to sell overpriced Peleton condos!


4/1/2009 11:06:20 PM

“On March 4, officers saw a man park his car in front of a nearby bowling alley, then walk to the massage parlor. Detective David Self stopped the man when he left an hour later.”

so, our pd sat there for an hour?Could have been apprehending speeders on 287. The City needs the money …….


4/2/2009 1:14:53 AM

Two of Body Fitness Massage’s regular customers allegedly reported having strokes.


4/2/2009 2:25:05 AM

ur all a bunch of handjobs


4/2/2009 2:36:23 AM

What a waste of my tax dollars.Is this an important crime to squelch?Catch some speeders, send some illegals home, keep an eye on wasteful lazy government workers and have them fired.Make us some money or save us some money don’t just spend it.Sheesh…………….


4/2/2009 6:34:36 AM

Poor economy ??


4/2/2009 8:23:09 AM

Hold let me grab a pen…..”Body Fitness Massage, 550 W. South Boulder Road”…..Aaahhhh all right,see ya,I got to goooo to the aaahhhh library!


4/2/2009 8:36:01 AM

I am a single guy and wouldn’t mind a happy ending! Why is this a issue? The laws are out of touch with humanity! People making others feel good is a GOOD THING not a bad thing. Let it go!

4/2/2009 8:47:46 AM

You would think adding stimulus to the massage industry would help…


4/2/2009 9:01:37 AM

“Who cares what two consenting adults do in private?”

” … what’s the problem with a little happiness?”

“What’s the crime here?”

Spoken like true patriots and defenders of personal liberty.Hear!Hear!


4/2/2009 9:04:44 AM

Every month I pay child support, I tell my ex to give me a happy ending……but that is why we got divorced… there was no happy ending

4/2/2009 9:43:38 AM

Good!Let’s cut education funding and spend more money limiting peoples personal freedom!Really who cares if someones is getting a hand job at the end of their massage?


4/2/2009 10:18:07 AM

For those keeping score at home:

20 in favor of freedom.

0 opposed … except for the Lafalot cops.

4/2/2009 11:11:56 AM

Make that 21 trunestad.This isn’t hurting anyone – if anything it’s making them feel a LOT better !


4/2/2009 11:35:50 AM

Alternate headline:

“Out-of-control Government Deprives Citizens of the Pursuit of Happiness”


4/2/2009 12:43:58 PM

In these trying economic times, who doesn’t like a little stimulus of their package?


4/2/2009 1:05:50 PM

You know, I think there are places in Boulder with similar stimulus packages.. but I would never name names.

Put my vote in the ‘in favor of freedom’ column.


4/2/2009 1:27:40 PM

Perhaps the officers could park by Centaurus and Ryan Elementary and catch speeders and cars running through STOP signs? Not as interesting but much more lucrative.


4/2/2009 1:31:20 PM

Maybe the Boulder County Drug Task Force should spend it’s investigative resources on the dirtbags that are supplying Boulder County with all of the heroin that causes overdose/deaths that we keep reading about. People are selling illegal narcotics all day long and we are wasting our resources on a “hand job hut”.

I wish law enforcement would reprioritize based on our community’s opinion rather than some gung-ho cops personal opinion.

4/2/2009 1:35:29 PM

Undercover detectives sure get some cushy assignments.


4/2/2009 1:35:54 PM

Disband the Boulder County Drug Task Force, they are the problem, not the solution.


4/2/2009 1:45:42 PM

ah sweet blessed relief!now I get to sit in my captain’s chair and pour over business tax returns instead of getting in my patrol car and pulling over people texting while driving.this is so idiotic.txting while driving = obvious increased risk of death.happy ending while massaging = happiness for the guy and money for the girl.nice work, LPD.

4/2/2009 2:15:55 PM

Does this really represent the best interest of the people?I’m tired of our government agencies going off on their own tangents.This is somewhere between littering and jay walking in my view.Our tax dollars at work.Way to go!You really protected us there.What is the Drug Task Force doing going after this?If they have time to sit outside massage parlors and harass confessions out of citizens for such minor crimes, I would say that they should their funding cut.


4/2/2009 2:19:26 PM

It should be no surprise that the Lafayette Police are wasting more time with their self indulging “sting” operations.Yes, these are the same people that screwed the pooch and killed an 18 year old kid who was walking by some pot plants.In that case no one ever proved or even could come close to claiming this kid had anything to do with the plants except that he saw them and showed a friend.The Lafayette cops are worthless.Police chief Schultz is clueless and even worse, the city council tends to rubber stamp anything Schultz asks for.

If you are ever in trouble, call the fire department, not the cops.The cops are a bunch of whiny pigs who claim they are brave.They are a bunch of wimps who have tunnel vision and not a lot of common sense.

Let me rephrase that… MOST of the cops are a bunch of wimps who are more dangerous to Lafayette than the criminals.There are a few good ones, but they are drowned out by the many bad ones.

We really need to take a good hard look at these types of crimes to begin with.I can’t believe my tax money goes to a cop sitting in a parking lot waiting to see if someone leaves the massage parlor with a regular smile or a really big smile.What a total waste of money.


4/2/2009 3:00:50 PM

“officers saw a man park his car in front of a nearby bowling alley”

See? And you people tell me that I am wrong when I tell you that the police spend their time browsing parking lots taking random potshots looking for criminals.

They have far more spare time on their hands than they waqnt you to think.


4/2/2009 3:25:53 PM

“the special”- heck, I only get that on my birthday anymore……{frown}


4/2/2009 3:34:01 PM

super_boulder, springerwannab, trunestad, lafayetteeast, jakpott…….I don’t really care what your opinions are, but maybe you should read the article. It tells you in the first sentence that this was the Boulder County Drug task force.They are independant of the Lafayette PD and operate under a different command.Read first and then comment.


4/2/2009 4:16:55 PM

If ever there was a victimless crime, this has got to be it.Assuming, of course, that the masseuse was just being entrepreneurial and wasn’t coerced into offering such specials.


4/2/2009 4:22:08 PM

Can we focus less on peeps getting a little handy j and more on catching rabid coyotes who are killing precious precious canines!


4/2/2009 4:50:00 PM

many good points here but, its the Lafayette PD, they have absolutely nothing to do all day except drive around in their “police impersonation style” plain, gray, Ford pickup truck and give tickets to women.

When something actually happens, they are about as good as the Boulder PD.

4/2/2009 4:54:04 PM

The Laf-a-lot Police Department is the most over-the-top over-zealous, ineffective and misdirected police department I have ever seen. They would rather chase non-violent crimes over violent crimes, intimidate citizens in their own yards, and create a repressive environment. They literally add no value to the community. The citizens should run a special election to disband the department, and outsource city law enforcement to the county sheriff and state police, who are professional and measured in their approach. Ask anyone who lives in Laf-a-lot and they have a story of an over zealous misdirected keystone cops situation. Scotty is a good cop, and while there may be a few other good ones as well, they are being lead in completely the wrong direction. The “law enforcement” leadership has to go. Lafayette deserves better. Citizens of Lafayette – speak up, stand up, mobilize and elect leadership you deserve. Or…is that what you have already done?


4/2/2009 5:25:06 PM



4/2/2009 6:16:39 PM

I bet the women who work there are SUPER attractive (sarcasm).


4/2/2009 6:21:24 PM

if it were legalized we’d have franchises… Rub n tugs, The jack shack, handy hut, massagi bath and beyond, flip-n-grips, jizziotherapythe whackitorium, very happy panda, etc…


4/2/2009 8:23:20 PM

I park my car over at Target and then walk over to Bed, Bath and Beyond. That must surely mean I am getting a blow job there. After all, what else would I be doing since I parked at one business and went to another instead.


4/2/2009 8:32:09 PM

Pigs with nothing better to do. Land of the free….


4/2/2009 8:41:23 PM

All the Asian massage parlors that advertise in The Boulder Weekly and Westword offer happy endings. All of them.

All of the escorts that advertise in Westword are prostitutes. All of them.

Why the selective prosecution?

Why the hypocrisy in not prosecuting the men who patronize the prostitutes?


4/2/2009 10:35:20 PM

agreed something is off here. No cop is just going to be watching a business and then start stopping people for parking next door.Even if someone gave them a tip of something suspicious. And then those people just confess to getting sex? Just right there in the parking lot because some cop asked? You can’t get the boulder cops interested in the many drug dealers living on every block in this town. But they’re going to start hanging out at a massage place because of a phone call? Now I know where to find the cops when the bums are shooting up in the library bathroom. Just look for the nearest ‘ho house.

In the meantime, I better not stop by massage envy to get relief from all the stress I’ve got in my neck from having a real job.


4/3/2009 1:09:41 AM

“The Boulder County Drug Task Force began investigating Body Fitness Massage, 550 W. South Boulder Road, in October after someone told Lafayette police something seemed to be “suspicious,” the warrant said.”

Hey “Drug” Task Force, here’s something *suspicious*:


4/3/2009 1:36:00 AM

I used to work at this massage parlor and I did not have a happy ending.


4/4/2009 6:44:55 PM

Hey Nacho, whadaya charge?My shoulder’s killin’ me.


4/5/2009 7:27:13 PM

I must say, Chucklehead and IrishMan, you guys crack me up!

On to business… what I want to know, is *who* has NOTHING better to do than tip off the PD about possible “suspicious activity” from a massage parlor?! This sort of thing goes back to the beginning of time, people. There are always going to be bordello type houses, there are always going to be ppl willing to pay for it, and ppl willing to get paid to do it.As long as those women aren’t being held there against their will, who cares if someone gets a “happy ending”?! Chrimeny.Well done, Task Force.

Think we could email this blog to the PD/Task Force folks?? Wouldn’t that be fun?!


4/8/2009 8:53:14 AM

P.S. I *do* know the proper term of “their” to be used, but stupid dam DC editing didn’t work, apparently.!!!


4/8/2009 8:58:30 AM

All’s well that ends well.


4/10/2009 2:33:19 PM

fherman/super_boulder/all who know the LPD truth- the citizens of Lafayette are being harassed and good people are being turned into criminals by the over-the-top over-zealous ex military LPD cops. A good friend of mine was racially profiled and arrested on bogus charges such as an expired tag. Approached a parked vehicle with no just cause and claimed to have smelled drugs. I keep having people who are in the justice system outside of Lafayette tell me and some of my other friends the things they here about the LPD and that they aren’t surprised.

I have numerous accounts of people I know who have been harassed or racially profiled. I even was told this at a hair salon from the girl cutting my hair in Lafayette several months ago. I had enough of it and even had to move out of Boulder county to keep my sanity. It’s bad.


5/19/2009 3:48:30 PM