BOULDER, Colo. –

For what the University of Colorado is spending on that monster new “Community Center” south of Hallet Hall, they could build a subway or metro from Williams Village to the main campus and run fast electric trains!

Dodging this on a hike to ATLAS last week for a Pendulum concert (so much for my old route up the diagonal path to Hallet; it’s lost behind that monster fence and huge backhoes), I found they’d blocked the road near ATLAS and the heating plant (I got past it by Norlin Library).

Fences, cones, signs, the usual damn nuisance and a backhoe sitting in the middle of the road.

Something to do with the new visual arts complex?

That explains why Buff Buses are now running both ways on Baseline Road instead of just westbound. I wonder why they had to dig up the street (you can walk but not drive past this nuisance).

I see lots of Buff Buses, many packed; but saw none at all the last three Martin Luther King Jr. days. Didn’t they run? You’d think there’d be a few, even on a holiday?

Roger Williams