BOULDER, Colo. –

University of Colorado President Bruce D. Benson’s accounting of CU’s expenditures (“Benson: Sorry, CU’s no AIG,” March 26) left us with some big questions.

First of all: Where is the accounting of just what CU takes in every year, including summer school tuition and other financial support, not to speak of what they rake in for regular school year tuitions?

Where is the accounting for what CU pays yearly to “retired” personnel, and why were those figures left out of Benson’s accounting?

What kind of money is taken in from additional donations from parents and or businesses CU’s administration regularly solicits?

What is glaring to my husband Jim and I is the huge discrepancy between what we both paid as students at the University of Nebraska and what young people are charged to get a higher education today.

Granted that was back in the early 1960s; however, we cannot fathom that today’s American students must borrow many thousands of dollars so that they can get a higher education, and, to top it off, are not assured meaningful jobs when they graduate, due to the gutting of our industries by both political parties over the last several decades.

The only wages that have mushroomed out of sight are those of politicians and those in education who “vote” themselves increased wages, while we the people are being squeezed by lower wages, more taxes and millions of lost jobs.

Obviously there is a huge a “knee jerk” coming!

Where can our students work part time and make enough money to meet the outlandish tuitions colleges are charging today?

Anyone got any honest answers?

Janet Lee Meisinger