New on DVD: ‘Groom Lake,’ ‘Twilight’
New on DVD: ‘Groom Lake,’ ‘Twilight’

Now that “Boston Legal” has ended, where will we get our William Shatner fix except in those PriceLine commercials?

How about in “Groom Lake,” a 2002 sci-fi film the great captain developed, directed, produced and starred in?

Amy Acker (recently — and briefly — seen in Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” TV series), Dan Gauthier (“Melrose Place”), Duane Whitaker (“Pulp Fiction”) and Dick Van Patten (“Eight Is Enough”) also are featured.

Groom Lake is a small desert town on the outskirts of a southeastern Arizona military base, an area where UFO sightings and alien encounters are alleged. Acker, playing a young woman with a terminal illness, and Gauthier, as her husband, travel there and find themselves in the middle of a military conspiracy and an alien mystery.

The theatrical film “Twilight” is scheduled to be released Saturday and a lot of people are happy about that. A&E has its own bit of “twilighty” entertainment, too, in the documentary “Vampire Secrets,” in stores Tuesday.

This fascinating 47-minute look at the history of the blood-suckers examines the ancient folklore common in different cultures around the world that have shaped our conception of these fangy fiends.

— McClatchy-Tribune