Val Seibert, an employee at Pennyweights, arranges jewelry in a showcase.
Zak Wood
Val Seibert, an employee at Pennyweights, arranges jewelry in a showcase.

BOULDER, Colo. –

It looks like a lavish, costly jewelry store.

Kind of like those that often are deliberately sidestepped by customers not eager to be harassed by pushy salespeople.

But Pennyweights, 1441 Pearl St., is quite the opposite.

Yes, the store offers all the good stuff: diamonds, gold, sterling silver, pearls, onyx, jade, coral, turquoise, aquamarine and various stones.

The real difference, however, is that money will be spared.

Manager Jillian Talboys said she thinks low prices are important in these difficult economic times. She said a customer can find great gifts in the store for less than $20.

“People are definitely more choosy with what they’re buying in this economy,” Talboys said. “But our prices are really great, and customers can see that — they notice the difference.”

Another great thing about the glass-encased jewelry? Every single price tag is displayed.

“We have nothing to hide with our prices,” Talboys said. “We’re not ashamed to show any of them.”

The common, high-end jewelry stores often tuck price tags under the blue velvet displays — where a customer may feel reserved about inquiring. At Pennyweights, every price is displayed — from a $4 pair of earrings to a $249 turquoise-adorned sterling-silver necklace.

The jewelry is diverse, too.

There are bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. A customer can purchase a pre-made necklace, or match up a pendant with a sterling silver chain ) with chain prices starting at $6.75.

Saleswoman Val Seibert said that with such a diverse selection in the store, she enjoys helping customers match up various pieces.

“If I came in here as a customer, I would be like a kid in a candy store,” Seibert said. “There’s tons of stuff. When I have people I need to buy gifts for, I easily get everything I need for the year here, without breaking my bank.”

The original Pennyweights store opened in New Canaan, Conn., almost 29 years ago. The recent owners, Geoff and Kelly Sigg, opened a Boulder store after living in town.

The Siggs run the store in New Canaan, but spend time traveling back and forth between both stores.

Talboys said Geoff Sigg flies to Bali twice a year to work with a silversmith who handcrafts the designs the Siggs create, which comprises much of the jewelry in the store.

“We only use sterling silver or gold,” Talboys said. “We have a very large variety. Customers always find something they like and at an affordable price.

“It’s a really great place to buy presents.”