A Longmont couple who police say were threatened Thursday night by two vehicles full of people wielding river rocks and brass knuckles led some of their attackers right to the Longmont Police Department.

Cmdr. Tim Lewis said two cars pulled up and surrounded the couple about 9 p.m. Thursday as they were leaving a Schlotzsky’s restaurant in south Longmont. The woman managed to drive around the mob and headed for the police station at 225 Kimbark St.

When they arrived, one of the two pursuing cars entered the police parking lot behind the couple, Lewis said.

Officers arrested two people in the car: Taylor Upton, 19, on suspicion of reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, two counts of reckless endangerment and driving without proof of insurance; and Angelo Goutos, 19, on suspicion of two counts of felony menacing.

A third person, Branden Eckert, 19, ran but was caught less than two blocks away, Lewis said. He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of felony menacing.

The second car, which police are still looking for, drove off.

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Please don’t take away our right to bear river rocks. If river rocks are outlawed, then only outlaws would have river rocks.

I wonder if the perps IQ would be greater than 100 if you added all 3 up?

Thankfully, the innocent parties suffered no physical harm.


3/13/2009 2:37:09 PM

Brass knuckles…. lol….. this could only be Longmont.


3/13/2009 2:38:49 PM

if they came from Boulder Creek, they would be creek rocks. I wonder what river they would have gotten “river rocks”?


3/13/2009 2:44:17 PM

Please don’t take away our right to bear creek rocks either!


3/13/2009 2:46:42 PM

Oh man that’s satisfying.


3/13/2009 3:01:01 PM

Future of America!Committing a crime and deliver themselves to the cops.

Why do I feel that we are not getting the whole story?


3/13/2009 3:20:06 PM

It’s not right to arrest those boys!I suspect they usually are very shy and keep their distance — and if that couple hadn’t been eating out instead of staying in their home, this never would have happened.


3/13/2009 3:23:24 PM

Where are the parents during all of this?


3/13/2009 3:23:53 PM

“Where are the parents during all of this?”

Breaking more rocks I would hazard.


3/13/2009 3:28:32 PM

The parents?

In Longmont most 18 y/os have families of their own.


3/13/2009 3:34:19 PM

Longmont is ghetto.


3/13/2009 3:58:04 PM

Now there are 10 meaningless comments!


3/13/2009 4:10:47 PM

uh, IrishMan, the St. Vrain River runs right through Longmont.


3/13/2009 4:18:48 PM

These things happen in Longmont.


3/13/2009 4:19:50 PM

When obtaining the perps residential addresses for the police reports, I’m sure it was uncovered that several trailers were involved.


3/13/2009 4:28:34 PM

More info, but not much more:



3/13/2009 4:56:04 PM

Great work by the Longmont police department they deserve mullets,#%^ I mean, metals.


3/13/2009 6:38:20 PM

Was this just random?Are kids wilding in Longmont now?


3/13/2009 7:58:32 PM

sted by ThatCertainWoman on March 13, 2009 at 7:58 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Was this just random? Are kids wilding in Longmont now?

* No not random – The confrontation was most likely with ” Blair ” who works at Schlotzsky’s restaurant in south Longmont – Blair has a history of violence in his past as well- Probably payback for some stupid shite that he pulled in the past….


3/13/2009 9:40:36 PM

I know these guys pretty well, used to be good friends w/ them.I know for a fact the pursuit was instigated by the car being followed.


3/13/2009 9:48:24 PM

like I said this guy Blair has a history of getting into scraps with different groups of his peers.


3/13/2009 10:20:14 PM

sawyer, does blair know someone that goes by “fire crotch” or a white kid withred hair?


3/13/2009 10:35:45 PM

I think everybody should know someone that goes by “fire crotch”.The world would be a much happier place.


3/13/2009 10:39:05 PM

idk – I was in work release with Blair so I just know what I observed in there – He had a couple of fellow inmates that he had issues with. I heard that he had his Pitbull attack another man last year and assaulted a woman- Hence the present problems perhaps?


3/13/2009 11:33:05 PM

Sawyer –

Since you’re “in the know”, was I right, do they all live in trailers?


3/14/2009 2:30:39 AM



3/14/2009 5:10:44 AM

I’m now starting to understand why people are upset that we are wasting time and resources shooting coyotes.


3/14/2009 5:28:38 AM

I am not needed here. You people are on the job.

“same old boring schedenfraude”–Good one!


3/14/2009 12:57:10 PM

Posted by elirenfro on March 13, 2009 at 3:34 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The parents?

In Longmont most 18 y/os have families of their own.

Posted by Ralphie2 on March 13, 2009 at 3:58 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Longmont is ghetto.


Hey Ralphie the hypocrite, I hope you choke on your own ralph.

Anytime something happens in Longmont this is all you losers come up with is the same old boring schedenfraude. Why aren’t you over commenting about Darine Chely shooting a gun at a 4year old in Dakota Ridge and her multiple convictions for fraud and identity theft? Or are people who commit crimes in Boulder not a mark on the city? Two incidents of shot gun fire into homes in Boulder in the last two weeks and you can make a comment about Longmont being a ghetto with a straight face. LMAO!


3/14/2009 2:52:21 AM

I actually know the people involved in this. The so-called “innocent” party is the antagonist here. Andrew is the name of the boy in the couple, and he stole over $1300 from Angelo and spent it all on cocaine. He deserves no sympathy, and is lucky he hasn’t been hurt badly. He is a scumbag, he threatened to kill Angelo, Brandon, myself, and others. Andrew is a lowlife junkie.

All you people who are commenting are acting like this was done for no reason, when it was actually put into motion years ago. When things like this happen in places like Mexico or South America, people DIE.



3/18/2009 3:49:17 PM


I really don’t give a flying fart why it was done. Sounds like neither party was innocent. You all sound like a bunch of scum. I’m sure Longmont would appreciate scum such as you and your friends leaving since all you do is add fuel to the Crackmont image that the rest of the county has of Longmont. You should be real proud of yourselves. You’ve contributed ZERO positive to living in Boulder County and tons of negative.

I’m sure people in South America would kill over this sort of thing which is why many many people in North America are sick of your illegal selves coming up here. Go home.


3/20/2009 1:48:44 AM

Flyonthewall,stfu.Your comments contribute nothing to these boards.Just cause you have the picture perfect life doesn’t mean we care about what you have to say or your opinions.Most of your comments on the BDC are b*tching and moaning about another thing.Just move to the mountains and stop reading the BDC.

And no one involved is illegal.


3/22/2009 6:19:59 PM

Posted by vYRaL303 on March 22, 2009 at 6:19 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Flyonthewall, stfu. Your comments contribute nothing to these boards. Just cause you have the picture perfect life doesn’t mean we care about what you have to say or your opinions. Most of your comments on the BDC are b*tching and moaning about another thing. Just move to the mountains and stop reading the BDC


No. I’m glad I bother you.


3/25/2009 12:46:59 AM