The Epilogues
The Epilogues

BOULDER, Colo. –

The Epilogues just came back from playing the South By Southwest Music Festival — and now the band’s ready to open Single File’s CD-release party at the Gothic Theatre on Friday.

Denver’s ready for its next wave of indie-rock bands to go national, and the Epilogues are fielding their share of label offers.

The local band’s already earned a buzz on Denver radio station KTCL (93.3 FM). The Epilogues also have been busy promoting their EP, The Beautiful, The Terrifying.

Nathaniel Hammond is a founding member/keyboardist for the Epilogues and he says the band is ready to take the next step in its promising career.

Q: What is the Epilogues’ musical premise?

A: We were always into bands like Radiohead. We like bands that make smarter rock, but we wanted to go a little deeper.

We don’t use lead guitars — we play those sounds on the keyboards. We had been sounding like’80s pop for awhile, but now we’ve pushed it to Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails sounds.

Q: What did your band do to launch its career?

A: Our first show was at Cricket on the Hill. Then the band Rubber Planet really helped us get into the Gothic Theatre.

There’s plenty of places to play in Denver. You just have to jump into it and learn what clubs and promoters to deal with. We have been taken around the block a few times.

We’ve played our share of basements and birthday parties. At first we played everything. Now we’re playing the “smart shows.”

Q: What’s the buzz on the Epilogues?

A: Having our song on 93.3 really helped get us a buzz. We were the “Crowd Favorite” for the station’s “Home for the Holidays” promotions.

We just played the Mile Hi-Fidelity showcase at SXSW. We played with all the Denver bands — Meese, The Photo Atlas, Dressy Bessy and Born in the Flood. We had some label reps in the audience and we definitely generated some interest.

We’ve been talking to a couple of labels. The next step is to go to L.A. and play four showcases in April.

We’re inviting the labels to the shows to keep the buzz going. Then we’re heading back to the studio to make a four-song CD.

We are also due at the Fox Theatre May 12.

Q: How did the Epilogues get on the Single File CD-release show?

A: As a band, we’ve always felt that you have to win attention in Denver to get national attention.

It’s really nice to see how all the Colorado bands really cooperate with each other and how we’ve all remained good friends.

We’ve known Single File since before they were signed.

We’re really excited to be on the Single File show and to see them jumping to a national act.

We love the Denver scene.

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