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Full Belly
Full Belly

BOULDER, Colo. –

Full Belly writes a full spectrum of music.

The Boulder band plays everything from reggae to funk to jazz grooves — and the group’s bringing its dance party to the Fox Theatre on Friday.

Locals may already have seen Full Belly appear in an episode of MTV’s “Real World: Denver.”

Full Belly’s EP has been licensed to MTV for use on some of its reality shows, so the Boulder band is looking ahead to the future.

Guitarist/vocalist Stephen Herrington was eager to talk about the band and its Fox Theatre show.

Q: How did Full Belly get started?

A:I moved here after college and I convinced my brother Kevin (who’s also in the band) to move here, too.

The first band we had was called Soma. We were together from 1998 to 2000 and then some people moved away.

We started Full Belly, because we wanted a band that had a funk groove.

Q: What kind of groove and funk music does Full Belly play?

A:We have all these different styles of music on our new CD.

We have reggae, funk and hip-hop grooves, but there’s more of this adult-contemporary style to it. We tend to have this funky, very danceable groove and we have some improvisation.

People will be able to hear all these different sounds on our new CD. It’s called One Voice and it will be out this summer.

We’ve been working on the CD for a year. We play some gigs and earn some money so we can afford the process.

Q: How has being licensed to MTV helped ?

A:We’ve been licensed to MTV’s Bunim/Murray Productions. The company works with “Real World,” “Road Rules” and “All-Star Challenge.”

We licensed an EP of songs to be used on those three shows — and we even appeared on “Real World: Denver.”

We were filmed at a bar in LoDo. We were playing on a rooftop patio — and of course all this drama was going on with this guy and this girl.

Q: What else has been happening with the band’s career?

A:There’s a lot of interest in our new CD. Once we get that finished, we hope to have our music run in some cool places like ads, TV and movies.

Our music was also used in the indie film “92 Cool.” It was made by a local filmmaker.

Q: What do you have planned for the Fox and the rest of 2009?

A:People should be ready for our three- or four-hour shows at the Fox. If we’re out and playing in a place we want to play, our sets always end up being long.

We really want to get the new CD finished. We’d also like to get some airplay for our music and have it licensed out for different things.

And we want to build our fanbase.

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