Under a Blood Red Sky
Under a Blood Red Sky

BOULDER, Colo. –

U2’s career got a major boost by playing its famed Under a Blood Red Sky concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Photographer Greg Wigler was at that 1983 concert and captured the event on film.

Now history has come full circle.

Local U2 tribute band Under a Blood Red Sky was playing a St. Patrick’s event at the Soiled Dove — and Wigler showed up. The photographer took hundreds of shots of the Denver band and presented the group with personalized U2 photos.

Front man Billy “Bono” Bunting was eager to talk about all the news on his U2 tribute band.

Q: How does Under a Blood Red Sky pay tribute to U2?

A:We really pay attention to detail and we embody U2’s sound at our shows.

We do the show in full costume and we really do the band justice. The original idea of Under a Blood Red Sky was to recreate that classic show at Red Rocks.

Our show is a retrospective of U2.

It’s more theater than songs. Now we’ve added full video and concert production to our shows.

Q: What’s happening with the band’s career in Colorado and beyond?

A:We’ve played every place in town. We’ve played the Paramount, the Bluebird, Nissi’s and summer festivals — everywhere except the Pepsi Center.

We’ve been playing in front of huge crowds. The U2 tribute really sells.

Last summer we took the show to several House of Blues clubs outside of Colorado.

Now we’re talking with a booking agency that has offices here and on the West Coast. We’re looking to expand out market.

Q: What happened during St. Patrick’s week for your band?

A:St. Patrick’s seek was busy for us! We played three shows for 3,000 to 4,000 people at Fado.

We played the Soiled Dove that week — and Greg Wigler who photographed the U2 Under a Blood Red Sky concert at Red Rocks showed up!

He took over 280 shots of us at our Denver show!

Then he gave us a gift of four framed original shots of the U2 members. They were original prints.

That was really a cool thing!

Q: What does the band have planned for Nissi’s?

A:We’re going to do two full retrospectives each night. We’ll do a block of “Fly” stuff and Achtung Baby — and our usual early War stuff.

We have a lot of cool videos and Nissi’s is a great place to feature our video production.

We’ll also be performing three songs from U2’s new record, No Line on the Horizon. We’ll be performing “Get On Your Boots,” “Stand Up Comedy” and “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.”

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