BOULDER, Colo. –

Being a reality star definitely puts you in the limelight.

That’s why there’s a tricky line between real life and reality show personas.

Last week, one reality star reaped good karma. However, other reality pros will need another lifetime to recoup.

Take that, ‘Bachelor’

Melissa Rycroft may have gotten jilted on “The Bachelor,” but she’s found a whole new audience via “Dancing with the Stars.”

The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader got to use her dance skills on last week’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Rycroft replaced Nancy O’Dell who had to depart for knee surgery.

The fickle finger of fate has turned around for Rycroft. She was a huge hit on Monday’s show — and she’s found a new man.

Take that Jason Mesnick, aka “The Bachelor.”

There’s even more “Dancing with the Stars” news.

Former “Girl Next Door” reality star Holly Madison just replaced the injured Jewel.

Not to be outdone in the injury department, “Dancing” contestant Steve Wozniak was photographed leaving a dance studio with a removable cast on his leg!

Is Wozniak the next to exit?

Coolio’s karma

Rapper Coolio starred in last season’s reality hit “Coolio’s Rules.”

During the course of the show, the rapper tried to lay down the law with his spoiled kids and set them straight.

Coolio should’ve taken his own advice.

Last week the rapper/reality star was arrested at Los Angeles’ airport for suspicion of drug possession.

I can’t wait to see what he calls his next reality show.

‘Charm School’ drop-out

Reality star Sharon Osbourne’s also in deep water.

Osbourne may have met her match hosting “Rock of Love Charm School.”

The object of the program was to become a lady, but the reality star may have stepped over the line with one of the contestants.

Make no mistake, contestant Megan Hauserman was no angel on “Rock of Love” or “Rock of Love Charm School.”

However, she crossed all boundaries when she made fun of Ozzy Osbourne on the “Charm School” reunion show.

Within the scope of a minute, Osbourne and Hauserman were having the mother of all reality TV catfights.

Now Hauserman’s filed suit in Los Angeles and she’s charged Osbourne with battery and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Hauserman now ranks up there with Richard Hatch, Jonny Fairplay and Omarosa as the world’s most manipulating reality show contestant.

Bad karma for Olympian

Who knew that ice-skating champ Scott Hamilton had an evil Napoleonic twist to his personality?

Hamilton tried to take down comedian Tom Green on last week’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Fortunately, karma ruled and Donald Trump booted the Olympian.