Lacey Schwimmer and her partner Steve-O perform on "Dancing with the Stars."
Lacey Schwimmer and her partner Steve-O perform on “Dancing with the Stars.”

BOULDER, Colo. –

Spring fever has hit reality TV!

Tyra Banks’ models went wild, “Jackass” Steve-O Glover injured himself on “Dancing with the Stars” and a “Project Runway” finalist was arrested for assault.

Models Gone Wild

Tyra Banks always tells her “America’s Next Top Model” contestants to be “fierce.” She probably didn’t think that mind-set would cause a melee in NYC.

Last week, the reality show held a casting call in Manhattan â until the aspiring models thought that an overheated car noise was a bomb.

The panic and mayhem that followed resulted in several injuries and arrests for disorderly conduct.

There was a reason for the large turnout.

Banks decided to let women 5’7 and under try out for next season’s show â and that widened the competition.

Who knew that would lead to more catfights than this season’s “America’s Next Top Model?”

No worries, the show’s season has a freak factor of its own.

Yes, this season Banks signed on model Allison Harvard.

The very wide-eyed model looks like the “Bride of Chucky” and says she has a fetish for drinking blood.

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Ÿ4’Jackass’ TVŸ5

Here’s the reality questions on everyone’s minds â do “Dancing with the Stars” celebs have a death wish and is another celeb biting the dust?

Stephen “Steve-O” Glover starred in “Jackass” â one of the most death-defying programs on TV. But it’s “Dancing with the Stars” that is really wiping him out.

Glover is now dealing with a back injury that he earned during last Monday’s dance rehearsal. He decided to add an unrehearsed front flip to his routine and landed on his microphone pack.


At press time, Glover’s dancing fate was on hold. Find out more on tonight’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Ÿ4Designer gone wildŸ5

“Project Runway” finalist Kenley Collins may be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Collins was known for throwing hissy fits, irking contestants and dressing in fairytale or vintage clothing on “Project Runway.” She even came close to winning the competition!

Last week, Collins made news for assaulting her fiancée.

Collins woke up her fiancée by throwing a cat at him. That was followed by slamming the bedroom door against his head. Then, Collins grabbed a laptop and struck him in the head.

Collins was arrested for assault and later released by the police. She claims, “It was a miscommunication.”

Hope the guy doesn’t have a rabbit or a huge kitchen knife lying around.