Reality Bytes: Report cards are in
Reality Bytes: Report cards are in

It’s the middle of the spring reality TV season and the shows either went to the top of the class or flunked out.

Looking for ‘Love’

Reality TV earned its best scores in the love department.

“Tough Love:” Matchmaker Steven Ward may be tough on the show’s lonely ladies, but he doles out sensible advice from the male perspective.

The VH1 show gets a B+ for content and an A for booking all the eccentric crazies looking for love.

“The Millionaire Matchmaker:” Patti Stanger owns and operates The Millionaire’s Club and every week she tries to set the richies up with suitable mates on TV.

Stanger gets an A- for not taking any guff from her clients and expanding her roster to women millionaires. However, the Bravo show gets a B- for booking some boring and uptight clients this season.

“Rock of Love: Tour Bus:” Poor Bret Michaels. This is his third try at TV love – and its still not working out.

VH1’s “Rock of Love: Tour Bus” will host its grand finale next Sunday and it’s all coming down to the wire.

Michael’s did get rid of the party girls, so he does get an A for effort, The show’s “Love Bus” concept gets a C.

Action and adventure

“Survivor” (CBS) and the“The Amazing Race” (CBS) highlighted reality TV’s action and adventure shows.

“Survivor:”Host Jeff Probst just revealed that he’s been wearing the same pair of cargo pants for the umpteenth season. The show and the host’s wardrobe both need to be changed.

There’s nothing new on this season’s “Survivor.” The show repeated tired old challenges and brought in another cast of dimwitted misfits.

I used to be a die-hard “Survivor” fan. Now, they’re flunking out.

“The Amazing Race:” No about it, “The Amazing Race” scores an A this season.

The show keeps coming up with innovative stunts – and proves that people with life challenges can be winners.


Celebs and talent contests either scored really high or really low.

“Celebrity Apprentice:” Donald Trump picked a competitive and quirky group of contestants for the new “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The celebrity egos have been challenged and the stars surprised audiences with either very good or bad behavior this season.

Who knew Tom Green could be well-behaved, Joan Rivers could be a leader, or that Dennis Rodman would be booted for drinking too much?

ABC’s “Celeb Apprentice” went from last season’s D to a gold-star A.

“Dancing with the Stars:” “ER” just gasped its last TV breath, so this dance-show-turned-emergency-room epic should do the same.

How many celebs will be maimed before this madness stops? Give this ABC show a D.

“American Idol:” A fourth judge and the new Twitter voting can’t even help this season’s “American Idol.” It didn’t help that a former runner-up divulged the show’s lip-synch secret.

Fox’s “American Idol” gets a D for dull.