The Hit List: Dollar bill, y’all
The Hit List: Dollar bill, y’all

BOULDER, Colo. –

Who isn’t poor these days? It seems even Donald Trump is struggling.

OK, maybe not. But in this plagued economy, even pocket change is precious.

A dollar may seem like a trivial bill, but there are some great things in this town that only cost $1 — or less.

Our good ol’ buddy G. Dub (no, not that one) has carried us through some rough times and is always there for us in a pinch. Thanks, George Washington.

Here are some ways to show up almost empty handed — or, say, with court-ordered damages of $1 — and leave with a treat.

1 Easter candy

The Dollar Tree, 695 S. Broadway, Boulder

The Dollar Tree is superb. When there is a store where everything is a dollar, there is no going wrong.

Right now, the store has marshmallow Peeps and Jelly Bellys (assorted, tropical and sours) for just a buck. While you’re at it, grab a sombrero, paddle balls and the New Testament on audio.

For real., 303-494-1608

2 Boulder Public Library

1000 Canyon Blvd.

Where can you rent “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You and Chelsea Handler’s book “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea”?

Why, at the Boulder Public Library. And for free (with a card)! Beat that., 303-441-3100

3 Play the lottery

A convenient convenience store, Boulder

OK, the odds may be against you, but how are you ever going to win the lottery if you don’t play the lottery? That $1 ticket could get you a nice wad of cash. Or a nice $5.9 million.

Save me some, new best friend.

4 The Dollar Menu

McDonald’s, 2920 Baseline Road, 1800 28th St., Boulder

Really, any fast food joint these days has a dollar menu. But Mickey D’s has a decent variety.

Get a fruit and yogurt parfait, fries, double cheeseburger, pies, chicken sandwich, side salad, hot fudge sundae or a small soda — each for a dollar.


5 Strip tease

Your apartment

Grab your best girl or guy friend, significant other or upstairs neighbor (or all of the above) and create your own $1 entertainment — have them do a little dance for you.

This beats a strip club cover, pricey drinks and the cab home. Or, turn the tables and show them what you’ve got.

Then use the above tips to spend that single wisely.