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The Hit List: Five pointers to follow for fun, safe spring break
The Hit List: Five pointers to follow for fun, safe spring break

BOULDER, Colo. –

Finally, a well needed break.

Whether spring break entails a drunken stint in Mexico, a week tanning on mom and dad’s back patio, a romp around Colorado or the do-good alternative break, temptation to be a bad kid most will likely be on your side.

Here are five tips to follow while on vacation. Try to keep it together, and whatever you do — don’t stray from your friends. Ever!

Oh, and try to stay out of jail, too.

1 Incriminating photos

Wherever you break, just hope that Joe Francis and the “Girls Gone Wild” bus is absent. Try to keep all body parts concealed, so as to avoid a Facebook album dedicated to your forbidden fruits.

Think future employers — otherwise, there goes the political career.

2 Don’t break a limb

Drinking on the plane always starts a vacation off properly. But falling down the escalator to the baggage claim upon arrival in Mexico will really depress the trip. Spending the whole holiday on crutches is not so conducive to body shots and dancing. A Day 1 visit to the hospital should not be on the itinerary.

3 Avoid the farmer’s tan

Although it is wonderful to nap in the warm sun in a swimsuit, passing out in a tank top and shorts is not a good idea. Even worse? Passing out with your drink on your stomach. A beer-bottle tan might be cool, but may not go with the evening’s club attire.

4 Pace yourself

Yes, spring break traditionally is the time to let loose. But a case of alcohol poisoning or dehydration can really spoil the rest of the trip. Alcohol will never go out of style. That’s a promise.

Don’t drink it like it is.

5 Remain disease-free

Whether it be dysentery, chlamydia, scabies, West Nile or herpes — don’t bring it back to us. Nor your significant other (especially the STD part).

Keep the pants on, hydrate and try to mix some nourishing food into that liquid diet.

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