Sen. Mark Udall is taking a second shot at a bill that would redirect fines for illegally damaging public lands to the federal agencies responsible for restoring that damage.

Under the legislation, when violators pay fines for illegally harming public lands — such as starting a wildfire –the money collected could be used to help fix the damage.

Now, fines are collected by the U.S. Treasury. Udall’s bill, similar to legislation that failed in 2007, would allow the funds to instead go to the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior.

“This change likely won’t cover the cost of repairing all of the damage caused by illegal activities in all instances, but it will at least provide some assistance to federal agencies and help ensure future generations can enjoy and appreciate our public lands,” Udall, D-Eldorado Springs, said in a news release Tuesday.

Any money left after the repairs are made would be directed to the U.S. Crime Victims Fund.

Archived comments

Why does the DC continue to refer to Udall as “D-Eldorado Springs”?

As a Senator, he’s “D-Colorado” as he represents the entire state, not just his home district.


3/24/2009 8:27:41 AM

Why does the DC continue to refer to Udall as “D-Eldorado Springs”?

Because they simply do a copy and paste each morning from the AP news wire.


3/24/2009 8:48:34 AM

You don’t think anyone on editorial staff actually READS the AP feeds do you?


3/24/2009 10:59:50 AM

Well, our Invisible Representative has become our Invisible Senator.Haven’t heard from him for a long time.Don’t get a newsletter from him, like I do from Senator Bennet (after sending him email).

For a long time, email from Udall’s office (in response to filling in his contact form at the website) came from “senator_noreply”.Ha!



3/24/2009 8:56:39 PM

Mark aims, with this legislation that will further empower the armed employees of the various ‘wilderness management’ bureaucracies, to primarily go after marijuana grow operations on public lands.

You see, Mark wants us to know that he deeply regrets his formerly exuberant personal experiences getting high on cannabis whilst camping in the beautiful Rocky Mts.

Anyone here believe otherwise?


3/24/2009 10:25:16 PM