Come down from spring break with a trip to Indian Springs Resort's hot spring in Idaho Springs.
Come down from spring break with a trip to Indian Springs Resort’s hot spring in Idaho Springs.

BOULDER, Colo. –

Yeah, we know. You need a vacation from your vacation.

Well, since you can’t have a long break, at least give yourself a day or two to come down from the debauchery of spring break.

Good news and bad. Only about a month left of classes! Don’t get too excited; that means final exams are coming up. Boo.

Before it’s time to jump back into classes, here are some preparations for getting back in the zone.

1 Go to a movie

Century Theatre, 1700 29th St., Boulder

If you haven’t seen “I Love You, Man” yet, it’s time. Just when we’ve about had it with the bromances, this latest flick rekindled our love for man dates — with pair Paul Rudd and Jason Segel as such a cute couple.


2 Stay in bed

Your place

When is the last time you just lounged in your pajamas all day long? Sleep in until 2 p.m., watch some really bad tube all day (including “Jerry Springer” and “Divorce Court”) and give those slippers a run for their money.

Ah, if only we could do that every day.

3 Hit the slopes

Eldora Mountain Resort, 2861 Eldora Ski Road, Nederland

Since the mountains have been (finally) graced with some fresh powder over the past few days, dust off the boots and hit the slopes. Check out Eldora for a quick trip — the resort is only 21 miles from Boulder.

Info:, 303-440-8700

4 Get a massage

Boulder School of Massage Therapy, 6255 Longbow Drive

Yes, you can afford it. Relax those muscles and have the students at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy rub out the stress. A 60-minute therapeutic session is an affordable $35.

Info:, 303-520-2189

5 Hot springs

All over Colorado

Yes, you could fill the bath tub with hot water or scale an apartment complex’s fence to get to the Jacuzzi, but it’s so much better in nature.

Colorado is filled with rugged outdoor rock tubs, full-sized pools or even private hot tubs — all full of naturally heated mineral water.