Crystal Rose whips around the stripper pole inside a friend’s spare bedroom on April 25 in Louisville. Strip tease and pole dancing instructor, Naomi Tepper, provides the pole and know-how while teaching woman how to entertain with erotic dance.

BOULDER, Colo. –

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Instructor:Naomi Tepper, of Boulder. Tepper minored in dance at the University of Colorado, and she majored in creative writing. She uses both degrees now. She has been teaching striptease for three years and also is the co-owner and co-editor of the literary erotica Web site,

Tepper has a background in various kinds of dance, but she was never a stripper.

“I always felt really nerdy when I was doing hip-hop, like I could never really pull it off. ‘What is that tattooed redhead doing there?'” she says. “But when I took my first burlesque class, I immediately loved it. I have a strong sensual side.”

She began learning pole dancing in December of 2007.

What is the workout?There are two different kinds of workouts: the Peel and Play party and Pole Lot of Fun.

Peel and Play parties are held at your home with a group of friends. You learn an erotic striptease to take home to your partner. There is no nudity, but you learn how to remove four items of clothing “with finesse and attitude,” Tepper says.

Pole Lot of Fun is a pole-dancing class. Tepper brings a portable stripper pole and teachings “an empowering and exciting pole-dancing routine,” in Tepper’s words.

She says the class is designed to give women permission to get in touch with their erotic and sexy side.

What does it cost?$20 per person with a seven-person minimum. With 10 or more participants, the hostess or guest of honor is free. The hostess also receives a free copy of Tepper’s book, “Oysters and Chocolate.”

Who does it?Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Most people who book parties are having a bachelorette or ladies’ night. The maximum for Peel and Play is 20 people. The max for the pole class is 15.

When:Peel and Play is 11/2 hours. Pole lasts 2 to 21/2 hours.

Level:No dance experience necessary. Class is beginner/intermediate. The hardest thing for women at my party was getting over the stigma that it is bad to be a feminine and sexy. As soon as they conquered that mental block, they found they could dance in ways they never realized.

The pole was harder than I expected. It demanded real core strength, especially the spinning firefighter moves. I have a new respect for pole dancers. And firefighters.

Format:Peel and Play starts with introductions, where you pick your “stripper name.” In my group, my favorite name was Ranger Vern.

Then, Tepper teaches the history of striptease, designed to shatter negative preconceptions about what stripping is, and talks about “what not to wear.” You spend about an hour learning a pre-choreographed tease routine (including floor work, lap dancing and stripping) that lasts about one to two songs.

The pole class teaches a choreographed dance with about 15 moves. At the end of the class, the dancers put on a show for each other.

Equipment:Tepper brings music, skirts, panties and a portable stripper pole. You will need to have several chairs to practice on. My group found it was also helpful to have an oversized stuffed bear named Bob sitting on the couch to dance for.

What to wear:Comfortable clothing, heels and a jacket. Some gals bring extra dress-up clothes for fun, like a boa, gloves or, as it were, a glow-in-the-dark white faux fur vest and matching skirt. Beginnings on the pole go barefoot. As you improve, try it with heels.

Muscles worked:Pole dancing strengthens your core, shoulders, thighs and obliques. You can work up a sweat doing Peel and Play, and it requires (ahem) flexibility.

One new move:The foundation of the striptease is “stirring the pot.” Loosen your hips and move your them in small, full circles, knees slightly bent. It helps to shift from foot to foot. Tip: Practice in heels. It’s much different to stir the pot barefoot or on platforms.

What’s different:I have never seen a traveling stripper pole before. Some participants like dancing in the privacy of their own home. Also, some sensual dance classes don’t teach you how to literally take clothing off.

But don’t get the wrong idea.

“Some people have a misconception that it’s going to be dirty,” Tepper says. “They come out going, ‘Wow, that was a really positive experience. Not dirty at all.'”

What I loved:The “grannie panties.” Tepper provided us underwear to practice removing, but they were about 16 sizes to big. That made everyone relax and remember it was just for fun. It also was a reminder that you can be sexy in any size and shape.

Also, it’s great to work out while having fun. We laughed and cheered each other on. It was a good excuse for a much overdue girls’ night — one that entailed more than just sitting around eating and drinking.

What I didn’t like:That stripper poles are so expensive. I want one in my house.

Inspiration for class:Tepper began teaching striptease in 2006 and pole in 2007. She added pole per students’ demand.

How I felt after the class:Like dancing. We took the ladies’ night to Denver.

How I felt later:I was not sore, but I felt inspired. It’s wonderful being a woman.

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