A member of the Boulder Landmarks Board who has been a vocal proponent of tighter rules on “pops and scrapes” is being investigated by the city attorney`s office for a possible conflict of interest.

The City Council early Wednesday morning directed City Attorney Jerry Gordon to investigate a claim filed by Boulder resident Mark Gelband, alleging that Leonard May should have recused himself from the Landmarks Board when it approved recommendations for a proposed compatible-development ordinance last month.

May, an architect and principal with Boulder`s Construction Technology Consultants, said there`s “not a lot of merit” to the claims, but he declined to discuss the specific allegations when contacted Wednesday.

The council was bound by the city charter to launch an investigation, after Gelband — who is leading the grass-roots group “Leave My Home Alone” against plans for new house-size restrictions — complained that May should not be representing the city board while also working for “the Initiative for Community Sustainability.”

May founded the citizens` initiative, which is advocating tighter restrictions on house sizes.

“When someone does that, the rules of the city charter are pretty clear,” Gelband said. “You need to recuse yourself on issues that you`re advocating for.”

Assistant City Attorney Deb Kalish, who is spearheading the inquiry, said her findings will likely be made public at the Aug. 18 City Council meeting.

The possible outcomes include exoneration, a recommendation to remove May from the Landmarks Board or criminal charges, Kalish said.

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