Performance artist Ben Evans brings ‘futureLOVER’ to Boulder (VIDEO)

The well-groomed modern man has a taste for impeccable wardrobe, a sense for personal grooming, an eye for fashion.

A metrosexual, if you will.

Or, as the late 18th-century British would have called him, a dandy.

Performance artist Ben Evans will explore his view of the modern man with “futureLOVER,” a performance at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday night.

“The themes deal with notions of masculinity and the modern-day male,” said Evans, a onetime Boulder resident who now resides in Paris. “These codes of masculinity, what are they? What are the images? How do those images play out on a stage?”

Evans said the piece is much like installation performance art.

The movement-based “futureLOVER” runs 45 minutes and will include pre-recorded text compiled from Evans` writings as well as quotes from artists such as Andy Warhol.

Evans works with objects, visuals and costumes — such as a plastic-wrap sculpted three-piece suit — as props.

“It`s a piece of art you can come and watch live,” Evans said. “It`s a moving installation.”

Evans drew upon his theater background, a degree from Yale and his current study of movement in a master`s program in Paris as inspiration for “futureLOVER.”

“A strong influence came with my theatrical past,” Evans said. “Letting go of text and letting go of the more theatrical elements is really hard for me, so I`m trying to embrace it as opposed to reject it.”

Evans said writers Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde were modern-day dandys who helped shape “futureLOVER.”

“I was looking into what a modern day dandy would be,” Evans said. “A man who takes good care of himself — sort of this metrosexual — all of these terms that have come up recently to label a man, I find really fascinating.”

Evans prefers performing at venues such as BMoCA as opposed to theaters because of the more unconventional space.

Kirsten Gerdes Stoltz, associate curator of the museum, said Evans` strong visual presentation caught her eye when he presented the piece.

“Performance art is an important component of the contemporary arts,” Gerdes Stoltz said. “Many artists now use performance as art and it is important to highlight that at BMoCA.”

Evans lived in Boulder for a year in 2006 and he said he likes to keep ties here. His performance art company, Madhouse Theatre, is based in town, so the welcomes a trip back to a familiar place.


What: “futureLOVER,” a performance by Ben Evans

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Where: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 1750 13th St.

Cost: $5

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