The University of Colorado is hosting an international gathering of Fulbright scholars this week.

The Fulbright Gateway orientation is the first stop for international Fulbright students coming to the United States. While attending the conference at CU, the students will get an introduction to the U.S. academic system and culture, including learning about libraries, stress management, U.S. politics and other issues.

About 50 scholars hailing from Afghanistan to Venezuela are studying a range of subjects, including public health, tourism, theater, journalism, biology and engineering.

Khalid Khulusi, of Jordan, will be studying telecommunications engineering at Purdue University in Indiana this fall.

“I feel very excited to meet other Fulbrighters,” he said Tuesday. “And I want to learn the American way of classrooms and teaching.”

The Fulbright program was started by U.S. Congress in 1946 to increase “mutual understanding” between people in the United States and from other countries. The program allows students and scholars to take graduate courses, conduct advanced research and teach.

More than 294,000 Fulbrighters from more than 155 countries have participated in the Fulbright Program since it began in 1946.

The conference is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State`s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It`s provided to incoming Fulbright award winners during the summer before they begin their programs.

CU`s Office of International Education received a grant to host the orientation for new Fulbright students from around the world. It`s the first time CU`s Boulder campus applied for the grant, according to CU spokesman Greg Swenson.

The conference ends Friday.

Three scholars from CU were awarded Fulbright scholarships this year. They will research topics including genetically modified soy in Paraguay, renewable energy in China and heart health in Germany.

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