Hollywood-glam eyelashes are the latest beauty craze.

Local experts report women in Boulder and Denver are batting their eyes at products that help produce longer, thicker, fuller lashes.

From mascaras to lash-growth products to eyelash extensions, what’s the best way to get that Betty Boop look?

“It really just depends on what people are looking for,” said Aly Warren, co-owner of Lash Envy Inc., which has locations in Erie and Denver. “Some people want those full, already-curled lashes with extensions.”

And many prefer the thickening of natural lashes with a little boost from a growth product, said Boulder dermatologist Dr. Shawn Allen.

Time to ditch the mascara and look at other options.


Warren hasn’t worn mascara for years after finding eyelash extensions.

She and her sister Mandy Palmer’s business offers customers the immediate effect of fuller eyelashes with extensions.

“Women these days want thicker, fuller lashes,” Warren said. “With the extensions, I just think it’s easy. You’ve got these gorgeous lashes. It might be something you have to do monthly to keep up, but it cuts your makeup time down during the day.”

Michelle Hale, owner of The Beauty Spot in Boulder, said eyelash extensions are all the rage, as her shop has seen an increase in clients over the past six months.

“It’s really very popular,” Hale said. “I’m doing a ton of them lately. Customers like them because they don’t have to wear mascara or curl their eyelashes anymore.

“Many women don’t want to fuss with makeup — they just like to get up and go. With these, you can.”

Extensions, which can cost $185-$250, involve having a synthetic lash attached to each individual natural lash. Once attached, they don’t need to be touched for about three to four weeks.

Lashes grow just like hair — and Warren said the lifetime of a typical lash is just three weeks.

Customers can return every three to four weeks to get fillers placed where the lash grows out — much like dying roots of the hair — for a fraction of the price.

“You won’t have to worry about your eyeliner ever smudging or your mascara running,” Hale said. “Because you won’t really need it.”

A tint — much like a black dye — is available to make the lashes uniform in color, Hale said.

“The girls just love it,” Hale said. “I think more people are hearing about extensions. Every time I put a set on, it seems like I get a referral from them. People see them, they love them, they come in and get them.”

Growth product

For those who want the look of natural lashes that grow thicker and longer, Allen recommended prescription-strength Latisse.

“It’s a very popular product,” said Allen, who is director and founder of Dermatology Specialists of Boulder, 4840 Riverbend Road. “When people see there’s something there to potentially grow and affect the length of their eyelashes, then that’s when they become interested.”

Latisse, which costs $120, is applied like eyeliner to the upper eyelashes before bed, and an increase in length, thickness and darkness of the eyelash is seen in up to four weeks, Allen said.

With various growth products available on the Internet, Latisse is the only FDA-approved, science-based treatment of short and stunted eyelashes, he said.

“No. 1, it has been studied, it’s shown to be safe,” Allen said. “No. 2, it works. Other products out there have not gone through the FDA, they have not been studied. There are no scientific medical studies to support their claims.”

Allen said the published side effect of Latisse turning blue eyes brown is not something to be too concerned about.

“I’ve never seen it in my patients,” Allen said. “In the clinical studies, they have not seen it either. The side effects were low, they were most commonly just dryness or irritation, which went away.”

Since Latisse is prescription medication, patients must see a doctor first.

“I recommend it,” said Allen, who has had positive results with patients who lost their eyelashes while in chemotherapy. “As long as they’re seeing and evaluated by a doctor and they’re determined that they’re a good candidate for it, it works great.”


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Dermatology Specialists of Boulder

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