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Kylie Mulligan, freshman communications major (in purple), gets advice from Rho Gamma sorority sisters Alex Arnold, junior accounting major, at left, Molly Whilhelm, senior history major, and Maggie McGreevy, junior journalism major, at right, as they help Mulligan move into her new dorm room in Williams Village Tuesday, August 18.

The University of Colorado’s new freshman class is beginning to flock to town, moving into the dorms today through Thursday.

Gabby Boloker, a freshman from Boston who will be studying international affairs, wheeled her luggage in to her Stearns East dorm early this morning.

“There are a lot of pairs of sneakers,” she said. “That’s what I’m in to.”

Boloker sported a pair of tennis shoes accented with fluorescent colors.

Sorority members were among the fleet of volunteers helping CU’s newest Buffs unload their parents’ cars and carry boxes.

“The boys don’t like girls helping them out,” said Maggie McGreevy, a junior journalism major who was waiting curbside to greet new students.

Gillie Neubauer, a senior communication major, has some words of wisdom for dorm dwellers: “Bring lots of underwear so you don’t have to do laundry too much.”

CU expects about 5,500 freshmen in this year’s incoming class. The university enrolled a record-size freshman class last year, with 5,833 students on the Boulder campus. A campus census will be taken in mid-September.

Parents moved Easy Mac, boxed televisions and shower shoes into the dorms before bidding goodbye to their newly independent sons and daughters.

Dory Nance said her son John, a business student, can’t wait to spend his first night in the dorms.

Nance, who is from the Los Angeles area, said she has been preparing her son for college by telling him about her own undergraduate experiences. She jetted straight to the CU Bookstore on Tuesday morning to buy a CU Buffs shirt to wear during move-in.

Her advice to her son: “Try to study hard, not just party,” Nance said. “But have fun, too.”

The oddest thing volunteers saw being lugged into the dorms? A beer bong.

Cameron Webster carted some luggage with one hand and held his cowboy hats in the other.

Webster, from Bozeman, Mont., said he plans to work on a ranch during the weekends in the fall. He also had spurs and boots packed away.

Asked why he chose CU, he replied: “The West is the best.

Hunter Baldwin, an incoming student from Palos Verdes, Cali., said he chose CU because of its business program.

“But snowboarding helped,” he said.

Traffic is slow along Broadway starting at Baseline Road.

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