Dub Skin plays the Bluebird Theater in Denver tonight and the Fox Theatre in Boulder on Friday.

Drummer Cory Eberhard has a dream career.

The percussive pro gets to bang out beats with his reggae band Dub Skin — and he gets to play festivals and shows around the country with the electro hip-hop outfit Pretty Lights.

It’s a great way to make a living and play music.


Who: Dub Skin

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday and 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver (Wednesday) and Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder (Friday)

Cost: $10.25-$12 tonight, $8-$10 Friday

Eberhard will play with Dub Skin at the Bluebird Theater on Wednesday and the Fox Theatre on Friday. The Fort Collins drummer also play will before thousands of University of Colorado students at Saturday’s Pretty Lights concert on Farrand Field.

“I’ve known Derek (Smith) from Pretty Lights since we were in the ninth grade,” Eberhard said. “I taught myself the drums when I was 14 and I just started playing in bands.

“I joined up with Dub Skin to create a traditional roots-reggae band, but we open it up in the jazz sense. There’s lots of instrumental sessions and we do dub reggae to stretch things out.”

Dub Skin’s become a known quantity in Colorado, and the band’s had the chance to open for top-name reggae acts Burning Spear, Israel Vibrations and Midnight.

The band also has toured outside Colorado, and Dub Skin’s debut CD, Love In Spite Of…, was recorded and produced by Smith.

Eberhard tries to play with Dub Skin on a regular basis, but Pretty Lights is taking off at record speed.

“Dub Skin is the polar opposite of playing with Pretty Lights,” Eberhard said. “Pretty Lights is very much loops and electronic dance beats.

“It keeps me on balance playing with both acts. It’s not hard to juggle the two, but now that Pretty Lights is blowing up, I have to leave Dub Skin for months at a time.”

Eberhard definitely enjoys the perks of performing with Pretty Lights at major festivals and concert venues. The drummer’s live and electronic beats have become a vital part of the act’s live shows.

“I’ve been doing Pretty Lights for a few years, but last year it really blew up on the Internet,” Eberhard said. “I think the free downloads and the STS9 show (at Red Rocks this summer) really made things take off.

“It’s been wild and it’s changed our lives dramatically, but it’s something we’ve been planning for awhile. People have really latched onto our music. It’s part luck and part timing, but Derek’s beats are some of the best in the world.”

Eberhard is gearing up to play the Bluebird and the Fox with Dub Skin, and he’s also very psyched about headlining Farrand Field.

“The two Dub Skin shows will just warm me up for the Pretty Lights show on Farrand,” Eberhard said. “It will be insane.”

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