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Ludi, right, is embraced by souvenir vendor Green as he arrives in the field behind Hector s Last Chance Saloon in Bethel, N.Y., prior to a Woodstock 40th anniversary concert there earlier this month.


Boulder fashion experts said the following flashback trends from the ’60s and ’70s can stick around:

— Supersized, dangly earrings

— Updated feather accessories, with lace or chain

— Button and lace headbands

— Flower embellishments

— Fashion scarves (long, skinny ones)

August marked a modern hippified love fest with the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

As for the celebration of bell bottoms, peace pendants and tie-dye? Not so much.

Boulder fashion gurus say the deluge of ’60s-’70s-era vintage Woodstock-esque clothes nearly has deserted the market.

However, Debra Mazur, owner of Common Era, 1500 Pearl St., said modern variations and an updated look can be incorporated into a modern hippie-chic wardrobe.

“Every style comes back eventually,” Mazur said. “But each item that was hot needs to become more interesting to hold a trend in the market. With fashion, you always have to go the next step.”

Mazur said even just slightly altering a trend is the key to making a comeback.

In the past, the trend of beaded headbands has turned to a modern fad of beaded belts. Buttons, lace and flowers have taken over the headband craze.

The flower accessories are still going strong, but Mazur said the peace sign left as quickly as it came back.

“The peace sign as jewelry was really hot last year and now it has been so overdone,” Mazur said. “The market became overflooded with it and that’s when things always become unpopular.”

Sarah Pederson, an employee at Rags Consignment, 3129 28th St., said aside from tie-dye, the store doesn’t really see much hippie garb.

“That look has pretty much gone out the door,” Pederson said. “As far as bell bottoms — skinny jeans are what’s in now. There are still some parts of the hippie look that come through in the modern clothes, but, overall, it’s not very popular right now.”

Andrew Bowe, manager at American Apparel, 1130 Pearl St., said making a tie-dye shirt darker and “more gothic looking” is one way to update the Woodstock look.

As for jeans, he agreed with Pederson.

“Definitely the tighter the better,” Bowe said. He said American Apparel has some fashionable tie-dye jeans and leggings.

Mazur said many manufacturers have been pushing tie-dye as a strong trend, but she has trouble selling the look in her store.

“For many, Boulder is considered to be the hippie center of the world,” Mazur said. “It used to be, but it’s really not anymore.

“Once the majority of people know about a trend, that trend is over,” Mazur added. “It stays around long enough because the majority has accepted it as a trend. But once you accept it as a trend, it’s over.”

Perhaps the outdated trends will make a hot comeback on Woodstock’s 50th anniversary.

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