I have recently read the Colorado Daily and am appalled by the article regarding the Coolio show (“Coolio bombs in Boulder,” Aug. 31).

I realize this article was a review, but many of the comments made seemed completely unjust. Several people I knew who attended the show had a wonderful time. The show was in my eyes was a success.

Since the article was a review, to each her own — however some of the comments completely discredited the establishment (The Goose), not only for the night of Aug. 29 but for future nights.

For instance, commenting on cocaine may seem funny, but when linked with a business it can be detrimental. I hate to see any negative connotation attached to a place that supports the Hill.

The Goose is a great establishment with hard working people who cater to the needs of students and people of the Hill.

I hope you can turn this around and more carefully evaluate articles written for the Colorado Daily.

Danielle Scott

CU student


As a graduate of CU, I came back to The Goose to enjoy a fun-filled night where my friends and I could be entertained by an old-school rap legend.

Not in any way were we were let down, and neither was anyone else I was near or talked to — it even was a topic of conversation at work this morning about how much fun it was.

Therefore I was thoroughly disappointed by the review in today’s issue of the Colorado Daily. Not only was the bar full, but people were standing outside because they had not gotten a ticket in time.

Even if the sound had been bad to knowledgeable ears, no one noticed and no one cared because of the vibe from Coolio’s show. Although it had been a little delayed, the excitement to hear “Gangster’s Paradise” and relate back to memories from middle school were enough.

This “buzz” that you talk about was never negative in my ears and I only heard disappointment from people who had missed it.

As an avid reader of your newspaper I hope that you release articles that are less biased and relate the whole experience.

There was not one positive note in the entire article and did not do any justice to a bar on the Hill that gives college kids (and college graduates) a place to enjoy themselves, let alone see an artist like Coolio.

I hope you try to write more substantial articles in the future so that people can continue to enjoy reading your newspaper to correctly learn about happenings in Boulder.

Cordelia R. Allsopp


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