Pnuma Trio plays it forward


Who: Pnuma Trio, with Big Gigantic and Prep School

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $15-$20

The Pnuma Trio wanted to give something back to its fans and the community, so the local band created a very cool music giveaway.

Fans can now download a free copy of the electro trio’s summer concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The download is a freebie, but 100 percent of all donations toward the music will aid Conscious Alliance’s food share drives.

That equates to some very good karma in these cash-strapped times. The giveaway is also shining a spotlight on Friday’s Pnuma Trio show at the Fox Theatre.

“We always like to make our music accessible and we like to do good things for people,” bassist Alex Botwin said. “We’re now on Sound Tribe’s 1320 Records, so links to the download page can be found at or at”

The Pnuma Trio has been creating its brand of electronic fusion since 2004.

The group fuels its techno fire by providing elements of jazz, funk, drum ‘n’ bass and hip-hop in its mix. The band’s toured extensively in the U.S., Australia and Japan, and shared concert stages with everyone from Michael Franti to the Disco Biscuits.

The Pnuma Trio’s solid line-up features Botwin, Ben Hazelgrove on keys and Lane Shaw on drums. The group made its debut in Memphis, Tenn., but Colorado is now home.

“We moved to Boulder three years ago,” Botwin said. “We’d been to every major city in the country, but we really loved Boulder. This town has such a thriving musical community and we’ve definitely drawn inspiration from moving here.

“We’ve really been focusing on the production of our electronic music and creating our own sound. We’re trying to push the current boundaries, while still having that listening aspect to our music.”

Many electronic bands use computers to generate their techno-sounds, but the Pnuma Trio likes to feature live instruments in the mix.

“We use live instruments and computers, but we try to find the balance between the two,” Botwin said. “We play the instruments full-time, but we add subtleties to the music by using the computers.”

Pnuma Trio’s now getting its music out via STS9’s 1320 Records. The very independent label focuses on beat-based acts.

Pnuma Trio also is part of Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes. The project also features STS9, The Glitch Mob and Pretty Lights. Profits from the CD aid Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation and the re-building of New Orleans.

For now, the Pnuma Trio’s getting ready for its fall tour and Friday’s show at the Fox.

“Our show has lots of energy and live instruments,” Botwin said. “We’re also going to incorporate some vocals that we’ve chopped up into samples.

“We’re going to keep things fresh and keep people on their toes at the Fox. This show’s going to be lots of fun!”

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