This is Mike, one of the tools on VH1 s “Tool Academy 2.”

It’s Labor Day, but that isn’t stopping the new season of reality shows from working it.

America’s Next Top Model’

Several reality shows are getting a jump on the new season and kicking off their fall episodes this week.

“America’s Next Top Model” returns to the CW network on Wednesday and model/host Tyra Banks is pulling out all the stops.

This season’s shows will be of interest to Colorado fans. That’s because University of Colorado student Nicole Fox, of Louisville, is one of 14 constants that will to have to curry Banks’ favor to win the contest.

Yes, this is the same season that caused crowds of wannabe models to cause a near riot in the streets of NYC. The auditions attracted a huge crowd, because this is the first season the show allowed models 5-foot-7 and under to enter the competition.

That’s how Fox met the qualifications for the show.

Banks is definitely using the NYC footage to promote her new “Top Model” season. She’s also invited guest judges Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad to help judge this height-challenged crew.

The glamorous host is also about self-promotion, so Banks just re-named the makeover portion of the show the Ty-over.

Someone needs to get over herself.

Behind the Music’ and ‘Tools’

VH1 had to re-do its schedule when it dropped “Megan Wants a Millionaire,” so the station added a bunch of new shows to the mix.

The music network stepped up to the plate by re-launching its very fascinating “Behind the Music” series. The shows tell the real-life stories of celebrities gone awry, and each program is a high-drama fest.

This season, “Behind the Music” will feature several music stars that are very familiar with reality TV.

The VH1 show makes its comeback with the story of hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne on Thursday. Then, the series hits reality/music star land with tales about Bobby Brown (“Being Bobby Brown”) on Sept. 24 and Bret Michaels (“Rock of Love”) on Oct. 1.

Those episodes should be really interesting!

VH1 also resurrected “Tool Academy” to fill in its Sunday schedule.

This reality show attempts to turn “bad boys” into suitable boyfriends, but it has an interesting twist. If the guys flunk out, the girlfriends can opt to dump their mates — while they’re being filmed for the show.


On the plus side, “Tool Academy 2” features an interesting cast of characters. On the down side, these guys are still tools.

VH1 also is debuting “Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke” on Sept. 14.

The reality show features comedian Eddie Griffin as he tries to dig himself out of his financially challenged life. The comic has to support a couple of ex-wives and eight kids, so he has his work cut out.

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