The Mutaytor


Who: The Mutaytor, with Lunar Fire

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $12-$18

The Mutaytor traveling music show is descending on the Fox Theatre on Thursday — but this isn’t your typical rock extravaganza.

The full-tilt traveling show is part rock show, part circus. Mutaytor audiences get to witness fire jugglers, choreographed dance routines, extreme pyrotechnic feats and a full rocking band at every event.

“We haven’t played Boulder for three or four years, so we’re ready to come back,” singer/producer Buck A.E. Down said. “We’ll be bringing our 28-piece multimedia show with an 11-piece orchestra, aerialists and fire dancers to Boulder.

“We’re a fairly unique group. Some elements we have are as old as the hills — like vaudeville. We compare our show to a set of logos, because everything looks cool when you put it all together in the context of Mutaytor. That means anything can happen.”

The Mutaytor got its start at the Burning Man festival. The annual arts gathering inspired Down and his crew to develop the traveling rock circus.

“It was in that environment that we got all the pieces to The Mutaytor recipe,” Down said. “There are a lot of art forms that go on there and it’s very competitive. There’s a lot of pressure to come up with something spectacular.”

The Mutaytor troupe developed its show, and fans turned out to witness the three-ring circus. This crew can set up anywhere, any time and with any configuration of acts.

The traveling group’s very skilled at adapting its show to different venues. The Mutaytor can perform at an underground party and then head off to play a full-sized stadium.

“We will be bringing a few less people, but we are bringing some very new theatrical things to Boulder,” Down said. “We’ll also be playing songs from our new record, Yelling Theatre in a Crowded Fire.

The Mutaytor has been changing up its musical sounds and adding some new elements to the mix.

“We have a new horn section and we’ve been reconfiguring a lot of our music,” Down said. “We have a lot less drumming — we don’t travel with 100 drums anymore. We also have more melodic elements.

“The Mutaytor’s music has evolved a lot since the last time we played Boulder. We have a lot more soloists, and the music’s going more in an art or prog rock direction. And John Avila from Oingo Boingo is now our bass player.”

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