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Belted, this shirt becomes a tunic to wear with skinny jeans, or it’s a kicky minidress to wear over leggings. Men’s shirt, $6.99; woven belt, $2.99, both Goodwill,

Man up, ladies.

If you want to be fashionable on a budget — and who doesn’t? — start dressing like a man. For that, look no further than your guy’s closet.

There’s something alluring, even hot, about women crossing the gender highway and borrowing from the boys. Think Garbo and Hepburn in their mannish pants. Katie Holmes in her oversize cuffed “boyfriend” jeans.

And there’s not a woman alive who doesn’t look good in a crisp white shirt.

If you go shopping, you’ll see loads of brand-new pieces inspired by what men wear. Look for boyish blazers in classic navy and tweeds, slouchy jeans fuller at the hips and “grandpa” sweaters, a buttoned V-neck.

But if you’re cash strapped like most of us, you’d probably rather borrow than buy. Why not launch closet raids on the men in your life, whether son, brother, husband, boyfriend, dad — or even granddad?

His jeans, a vintage rock T-shirt, a woven belt, a dress shirt — all are fair game. And if your guy’s size or selection doesn’t suit you, thrift stores are another great and frugal source of menswear. For just a few bucks you’ll walk away with a bagful you can cinch, layer and go glam.

At Goodwill and their ilk, you’ll find racks and racks of men’s jeans, shirts and sweaters for way less than $10. With a belt, a needle and thread (or even a small investment in alterations), you’re ready for your close-up.

“There’s a sort of eclectic, irreverent vibe to the (menswear) style,” says Gregg Andrews, a fashion director for Nordstrom nationwide, “But you have to look in the mirror and make sure you’re not looking sloppy. It can be very unflattering and overpowering if you don’t do it right.”

In other words, there’s more to this look than just throwing on oversize clothes and calling it current.

“The look isn’t androgynous,” says Andrews. “You always need something that keeps it feminine.”

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