Yamn will play with the Holden Young Trio at 9:30 p.m. Friday at the b.side Lounge.
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Who: Yamn with the Holden Young Trio

When: 9:30 p.m. Friday

Where: b.side Lounge

Cost: $5.

Yamn is more than a band.

This local act is a high-energy sonic explosion.

The four-piece Colorado group has been creating a buzz with its progressive fusion of electro and trance music. Yamn’s also creating a national stir, as the band won‘s honor of “New Groove of the Month.”

On Friday night, Yamn will show off its electrifying blend of music at the b.side Lounge, and bassist David Duart was happy to talk about his up-and-coming local act.

Q: How did Yamn get started?

A: Three of the current band members are from Lubbock, Texas. That’s where Yamn originated.

We all met up in Breckenridge. We were doing skiing and relaxing, but we were all interested in playing music.

I joined up with the band when they moved to Denver and started to tour.

Q: What kind of fusion does Yamn play and what sets this band apart from other acts?

A: Yamn’s music is all over the map.

It’s impossible to pigeonhole us, but we have prog, rock, electronic, club music, bluegrass, funk, groove and jazz elements in our sound.

We do a lot of improvisation. We’re a fusion of all the jam genres.

What sets us apart is how we do our improvisation on stage. We use a lot of hand signals, so we have more of a flow to the jams.

Q: Yamn is known for its light shows. Why is this an important part of the Yamn experience?

A: We have an awesome light show. It’s one of the best mobile lighting rigs around, and we take it from show to show.

We spent $12,000 to $15,000 on our lighting equipment. It’s all run by our lighting director.

The light show really adds to the electro-trance feel of our shows.

Q: What’s a live Yamn show like?

A: We always have a good time on stage and we create a party every night we play. We really let loose and play three-and-a-half hour shows. We try to bring that energy to every single show.

Q: What’s been happening with Yamn’s career?

A: We released a self-titled CD in 2008, but we now have a lot of new material.

We’ve also won‘s title of “New Groove of the Month,” and we won a spot to play at moe.’s Summer Camp (Festival) in Illinois.

People are seeing our name more and more, and it’s spreading the word about Yamn.

We’re also going to open for the Radiators at the Gothic on Oct. 16, and we’ll be opening for Perpetual Groove at the Gothic on Nov. 7.

Q: What will happen at the b.side show?

A: The show will be high energy at the b.side. It’s the first time we’re going to be there, so we’re going to really pump things up.

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