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The Fresh Air Tour, which stops at the Fox Theatre tonight, will feature Brother Ali, above, and Evidence, Toki Wright and BK-One.
The Fresh Air Tour, which stops at the Fox Theatre tonight, will feature Brother Ali, above, and Evidence, Toki Wright and BK-One.
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Who: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright and BK-One

When: 9 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $15-$18

Brother Ali’s getting ready to bring his Fresh Air Tour to the Fox on Wednesday night.

The tour features Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright and BK-One. This is going to be one major hip-hop party for Boulder.

Brother Ali’s proud of this lineup, and he’ll show off material from his new CD, Us, at the show.

“We’re heading out to the western United States for this tour,” Brother Ali said. “The tour will be about two months long and we’re really excited about it.

“We’re going to have some very special guests on the tour, including Evidence. He really helps us get into a groove and a routine on the road. We’re going to do a lot of smaller markets on this tour and make as much of the shows as we can.”

Brother Ali’s all about creating positive raps and telling stories that he really believes in.

“I always wanted to be part of the rap world and create something fresh that could be mine,” Brother Ali said. “I wanted to take a giant leap and look at new possibilities in rap.

“I really want to make music that affects people. I try to throw my personal point of view into everything I do.”

Brother Ali’s really psyched to have Evidence on this hip-hop road show.

“I’m really happy that Evidence is joining us on tour,” Brother Ali said. “He’s a legend in one respect — and these shows are going to add another chapter to his career. He had a lot of success with Dilated Peoples, and now he’s in the relatively early stages of his solo career.”

Brother Ali will be performing material from his latest record at the Fox. The CD was created with Ant from the group Atmosphere.

“I really opened up my writing on this album,” Brother Ali explained. “This record’s about challenges and trials that people go through in all walks of life. I think people will really identify with these stories.”


Reggae shows have been packing in local crowds, so the Boulder Theater’s throwing an island beat party with Groundation on Thursday.

Groundation is a California band that adds jazz and world beat sounds to its reggae beats. The combination’s earned the band fans around the globe.

“The band met at Sonoma (State) University,” band founder Harrison Stafford explained. “We all were into a lot of jazz and improvisational performance, but we wanted to see what we could do with our original music.

“We’re from the Bay Area, so we add jazz, funk and hip-hop to our reggae sounds. We even throw in some salsa and Latin. Basically, we play groove music with a reggae pulse.”

Groundation is known for its island beats and positive lyrics. The group’s also earned a solid reputation for its unique improvisational grooves.

“We feature music from all the records at our live shows,” Stafford said. “Every Groundation show is very unique and different.

“We do a lot of improvisation and everyone in the band gets to shine. This band is really a collective unit and we all vibrate in the moment.”

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