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Juliette Lewis will perform at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday.
Juliette Lewis will perform at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday.
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Who: Juliette Lewis, American Bang and The Ettes

When: 8:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.,

Cost: $15.50-$20

There’s a fine line between the worlds of acting and music, but these days a lot of actors are strutting out on stage and belting out tunes.

Some of these actors need to keep their day jobs.

However, Juliette Lewis has successfully found a way to balance her music and movie careers — and they’re both paying off.

The performer’s now touring behind her CD Terra Incognita and she’ll be rocking out the Fox on Tuesday. Lewis also has a pivotal role in Drew Barrymore’s new comedy “Whip It.” The movie makes its theatrical debut this weekend and it’s already garnering rave reviews.

“I had just finished the movie ‘Catch and Release,’ and I decided to really start things up with my band,” Lewis said. “I decided to take five years off and pursue my music.

“When I started doing the music, I really meant it. I’ve really enjoyed playing with my band. We did two records, played all over the world and got to open for Chris Cornell, Muse and The Killers.”

The actress-turned-musician toured with her band Juliette and The Licks through 2008. Lewis split off from the band and is now fronting her new outfit The New Romantiques.

“I took a break late last year and decided to re-think my music,” Lewis said. “I wanted the next direction to be more inspiring and strange.

“Juliette and The Licks had been more rock n’ roll and I wanted to change up the sound. I really wanted to unearth my true musical self, so my new songs are more grooving, blues and psychedelic. I got a brand new band together and it’s all about this new, fresh sound.”

Lewis wanted to find a producer that really got her musical vision, so she called on Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to bring out her new sounds.

“My new record is really more atmospheric and dramatic,” Lewis said. “The songs are very diverse, and they range from haunting, spatial songs to really rocking tunes.

“I recorded with Omar in New York and in Mexico. I’m not a conventional player, so when I had sonic ideas, Omar would help translate them like an interpreter. If I said I wanted to have a sound like fairy lights, he could translate that idea into a sound that will blow your mind!”

Lewis says this is her best collection of songs, so she’s taking Terra Incognita on the road.

“We’re just going to do endless touring with this record,” Lewis said. “It’s really tough for bands, and tickets sales are down, so I’m just going to live and breathe my live show.

“The concert’s a mixture of theater and rock ‘n’ roll. I’m the type of artist that likes to go real deep and really reach for that primal energy. I have a really kick-ass band and we create some amazing musical interludes.”

Lewis hasn’t abandoned her movie career and she’s been dipping her toes back in the world of acting.

The actress/musician will be featured in “The Baster” with Jennifer Anniston, “Sympathy for Delicious” with Orlando Bloom and “Betty Ann Waters” with Hilary Swank.

This weekend, movie fans will get to see Lewis play a roller derby queen in “Whip It.”

“I’m really excited about being in ‘Whip It,'” Lewis said. “It’s Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut and it comes out this weekend.

“The movie’s all about roller derby — and we did 90 percent of our own stunts! It stars Ellen Page (“Juno”) and I play her nemesis. It’s a real cute story about this great roller derby subculture.”

Lewis is definitely living the best of both worlds.

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