I’m from uberliberal Hyde Park in Chicago and, hey, I love my old University of Chicago/Hyde Park neighborhood — its buildings, its people, its philosophy and its heart and soul.

And almost everyone lives within a few blocks of Barack Obama, which, as you might imagine, is cool, too.

Nonetheless, I’m not the least bit disappointed in losing the 2016 Olympics to Brasil (not Brazil), a country that absolutely loves sports, despite Obama’s best efforts.

And a country with some of the most strikingly beautiful people in the world, in the most strikingly beautiful beach and rainforest scenery in the world, playing the most beautiful game (futbol) in the world seems to be much more an appropriate choice in so many ways… geopolitically above all.

Brasil is one of, if not the strongest, fastest-growing and most diversified, basically, pro-American countries and economies in South America, and is also one of the political/social leaders in South America (albeit one that has seen more than its fair share of military and paramilitary human abuse and tragedy).

And it’s a political leader I would take over traditionally violent and kidnap-prone Colombia or Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela to represent and lead the introduction of this great Brown continent to the world.

Grant D. Cyrus


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