The cast of Bravo s “The Rachel Zoe Project.”

Last week was a wild one in the world of reality TV — and what passes as reality TV.

For starters, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin demanded the show stop filming his kids.

Then, late night’s David Letterman announced his office affairs and a blackmail attempt, “So You Think You Can Dance” featured a dancer that accidentally flashed the audience and “Celebrity Rehab’s” Mackenzie Phillips wrote a book about sleeping with her musician dad.

It sort of makes this season’s reality TV lineup seem pretty tame.

However, there are some must-see guilty pleasures in the fall crop of shows.

Must-see reality TV

“The Rachel Zoe Project” should be called “The Devil Wears Prada Hits Hollyweird.”

Zoe is a brilliant stylist who pulls together amazing outfits for her celebrity clients. If you like watching Hollywood red-carpet events, this is your show.

However, Zoe can also be the wicked witch of the west. The stylist’s hissy fits, obsession with her weight and frequent to-do’s with her quirky staff make this show must-see reality TV.

Watch Zoe every Monday on Bravo.

Bret Michael’s “Rock of Love” franchise is on hiatus, so VH1 needed to fill the channel’s dating show void. The execs must’ve been desperate, because they’re now running “My Antonio” Sundays on the music channel.

The show focuses on soap star Antonio Sabato Jr.’s (you’re all probably saying who?) search for true love. That alone would make this show a snore.

However, the network threw in his wickedly conniving mother, an ex-wife trying to re-ignite flames — plus a cast of really catty women. These ladies are so mean, they could’ve been on “Rock of Love.”

That combustible combination of elements is reeling in reality fans.

‘The Amazing Race’

This season’s “Amazing Race” is also featuring some less-than-heavenly characters. That’s just going to amp up the ratings.

While last spring’s contestants inspired audiences, the new “Amazing Race” teams are very competitive and they’ll stop at nothing to win the prize.

However, these contestants may be more challenging than the new competitions. That’s sad, because this show’s always been known for its inventive challenges.

The season debut of “The Amazing Race” featured the new teams searching for license plates, playing “Sushi Roulette” in Japan and herding ducks in Vietnam.


“The Amazing Race” needs to pick up the pace.

Catch “The Amazing Race” Sundays on CBS.

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