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It’s telling in these tough economic times that 150 employers filled the Coors Events Center to capacity on Tuesday to recruit our students for internships and post-graduation careers.

In fact, there was a waiting list of employers anxious to participate.

The recruiters came from a wide variety of industries: finance, technology, alternative energy and aerospace, to name a few. They included both Colorado and nationally based companies.

For me, this is further confirmation that University of Colorado at Boulder students are highly sought for career employment and internships. These companies know of our reputation for highly ranked academic programs and many have found great success in hiring CU graduates in the past.

Our graduates are more than engineers, computer scientists and teachers. They also learn to be leaders, entrepreneurs, communicators and problem solvers. Thousands of students graduate from CU every year with a record of civic engagement and community service.

They emerge from the university with the latest workforce and technology skills and they bring into their new jobs a global perspective.

These are attributes coveted by employers and they are at the very core of our Flagship 2030 strategic plan in preparing students for the global economy of the 21st century.

In fact, I invite you to follow this link to our CU-Boulder News Web site and take a look at the vibrant, exciting work that four of our students did this past summer to see the value of a CU education in action:

This well-rounded, holistic education is one reason CU-Boulder has ranked in the top 20 nationally among American public universities over the last two years for our graduates’ earning power, according to surveys published in Forbes Online.

The average annual earnings of a new CU graduate in 2008 was $47,100, while a mid-career graduate earned $94,300 on average, according to the survey.

With early indications showing that we are moving out of recession, these numbers mean even better news: as companies seek employees with a strong base of knowledge, good problem-solving and teamwork skills, and a sense of personal and community responsibility, companies and organizations will be drawing on CU students.

And they will be drawing on our students — on you — not simply as employees, but quite literally as resources for permanently transforming their organizations. That gives you a permanent advantage in the job market, and CU-Boulder a permanent advantage in attracting Colorado’s, the nation’s and the world’s best students.

This fact should give you confidence to continue your outstanding work here at CU-Boulder, whether that work is in the liberal arts, engineering, the sciences, business or any other discipline, and to know that at commencement, you won’t just be leaving CU, you’ll be going somewhere.

And CU will be going with you.

Dr. Philip P. DiStefano is the chancellor of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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