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The following candidates are running for five open seats on the University of Colorado Arts and Sciences Student Government board:

Alyssa Bamonti

Kevin John (write-in)

Pranav Reddy

Simone Von Rivenburgh (write-in)

Two more candidates have announced they will run for seats on the University of Colorado Arts and Sciences Student Government board, which hands out money for events and organizations related to the College of Arts and Sciences, the biggest college at CU.

There are five positions open on the board, but only two students had signed up by the deadline to register as candidates earlier this week. Now, two more students — Kevin John and Simone Von Rivenburgh — have declared their intentions to run as write-in candidates.

John and Von Rivenburgh will join Pranav Reddy and Alyssa Bamonti on the ballot. The election will be held from midnight Monday, Oct. 26, to 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30.

The ASSG appoints two representatives to serve as co-senators on the CU Student Union Legislative Council. The council is made up of senators from CU’s nine colleges as well as nine representatives-at-large, who are students elected to represent the entire student body.

The rules for write-in candidates are unclear, said Alex Schnell, the UCSU election commissioner. Schnell said he will allow write-ins in this fall’s election but they will not be allowed to run on a ticket with other students.

There is currently one ticket running in the election. Called Focus, five of the seven representative-at-large candidates and both of the ASSG candidates are running on the ticket.

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