DENVER — The University of Colorado will ask the state for $31.8 million to finish building the final wing of the Boulder campus`s biotechnology building, but is stalling other projects that are short on funding.

A subcommittee of regents heard from university leaders across the CU system at a meeting Wednesday that focused on campus construction projects.

The first phase of the biotechnology building, which is 257,000 square feet and costs $148 million, is expected to be completed in fall 2011. The university split the building`s construction into two phases with hope that more money will come through from the state to complete a 54,000-square-foot wing in the future.

Frank Bruno, CU-Boulder`s vice chancellor for administration, said that a $12.5 million renovation for the aged Ketchum Arts and Sciences building, and a $12.9 million upgrade for Ekeley Sciences are “on hold.”

Ekeley has aged equipment and outdated fume hoods in its labs, CU leaders have said. That raises concerns for campus officials, especially in the aftermath of a small lab fire last month in the Cristol chemistry building, caused by a fume hood.

The Boulder campus`s Visual Arts Complex, a $63.5 million building that will house the art department and CU Art Museum, is on schedule to open in January. The campus is also moving forward with dorm additions and renovations, a $15.7 million Institute for Behavioral Science building and the $84.4 million Center for Community.