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Matisyahu, seen here at the Glenn Miller Ballroom in February, headlines the Fillmore Auditorium on Tuesday.
Zak Wood
Matisyahu, seen here at the Glenn Miller Ballroom in February, headlines the Fillmore Auditorium on Tuesday.

Matisyahu’s new record Light was released in August, but the innovative artist’s already changed his music up and hired the Dub Trio as his new backup band. 

This reggae and rap star never lets the dust gather under his feet. Matisyahu’s always redefining his sound, collaborating with new artists and finding new ways to get his music to the masses. 

Who: Matisyahu

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Fillmore Auditorium, 1510 Clarkson, Denver,

Cost: $25

Matisyahu’s now hitting the road with the Dub Trio, reworking the cuts off Light and presenting the songs in a new format. The new band hits Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium on Tuesday. 

If you saw Matisyahu’s Q&A session at the Glenn Miller Ballroom last February, you’re going to be in for a few surprises. 

“That was really fun playing at CU,” Matisyahu said in a recent interview. “It was a very unique situation and I’ve only done a handful of those kind of shows. 

“Since then, I’ve released my new album and I’ve expanded and changed my sound. The Dub Trio is now joining me as my band. There are now more dynamics to the music, there are heavy rock elements and there’s a lot of improvisation.” 

Matisyahu wanted his new sounds to resonate with his spiritual beliefs. 

The performer is a Hasidic Jew, and many of the messages in his lyrics reflect his spiritual beliefs. 

“I always like to create a certain soundscape with my music,” Matisyahu said. “I want people to be able to resonate with some kind of truth — whatever that might be — in the music.” 

Matisyahu fused his spiritual philosophies into Light’s new songs. The CD came out this summer, but the artist had already performed many of the tunes in concert. 

“I wanted to make a record where I could take my experiences and translate them into music,” Matisyahu said. “I wanted to express the feelings and ideas in my life on Light.” 

The reggae-rapper also wanted to give Light a collaborative energy, so he brought in well-known artists to compliment the tunes. Acoustic reggae artist Trevor Hall and the Glitch Mob’s Ooah both added their signature touches to the new album. 
“I liked adding Ooah’s electronic music and Trevor Hall’s guitar playing to this record,” Matisyahu said. “Adding all these players really expanded the sound, but it’s ironic that I’m playing with a brand new band now. 

“The Dub Trio feels totally right as a band. I’ve been trying to find musicians like this — it all came together with this band.” 

The Brooklyn-based Dub Trio already had made a name for itself in the music industry. The outfit’s created a solid reputation for fusing elements of dub, metal and rock into its mixes — and Matisyahu wanted them on board for this tour. 

Matisyahu said the Dub Trio adds a new dimension to the live shows. 

“We’re definitely playing the same songs, but it will be different than what you hear on the record,” Matisyahu said. “There are lots of layers now, because we’ve really created this sound organically. 

“It’s all about change for me. That’s why we’re doing a lot of improvisation and really opening things up on this tour.” 

Matisyahu’s all about reinventing his sounds and getting them out to his fans. 

The rapper’s video “One Day” has become a music channel hit with its high-tech special effects and colorful footage. 

Matisyahu also is the first major U.S. artist to work with Posse. The peer-to-peer ticketing system was developed in Australia and it rewards music fans for actively promoting concerts. The musician’s fans can now recommend and sell tickets for hometown concerts via social networking sites. 

That idea appeals to Matisyahu, who is a big Twitter fan. 

 “I like the idea that fans can help advertise a show,” Matisyahu said. “I’ve found that Twitter and other social networking sites really help me connect with my fans.” 

 Matisyahu will be in touch with his worldwide network of fans through 2010. The musician’s already mapped the year out, and he plans to tour Australia, Europe, Japan and Israel with Light. 

 “This year, it’s all about taking the music to the people,” Matisyahu said.

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