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Michael Travis has played sold-out venues around the country with his jamming String Cheese Incident. Now he’s selling out clubs with his electronic act EOTO.

EOTO fuses all the elements of a live show with dubstep, house and electro beats. The duo’s comprised of Travis and Jason Hann, and the act’s setting the pace for a brand new experience in the electro rock world.


Who: EOTO, with Vibesquad, Zilla and Lynx & Janover

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: Gothic Theatre, 3263 S. Broadway, Denver

Cost: $25-$28

Friday, EOTO brings its pulsating sounds to Denver’s Gothic Theatre. Travis wanted Colorado Daily readers to know about his electro band — and some big String Cheese news.

Q: Why did you want to start EOTO?

A: Three years ago, Jason and I started working with some looping and computers. I wanted to really whittle down all the layers that come with a bigger band, work as a duo and create a more consolidated vision.

Q: What musical elements does EOTO explore?

A: We’re really intrigued with dub-step. It’s got all these darker, grimier elements and a specific tempo structure. The sounds can have a slow and fast feel at the same time.

The sounds are very intense and dark, but it’s very majestic, too. It feels very ceremonial and cleansing.

A lot of kids are fans of dubstep, because it’s a really infectious. It’s also very spacious and there’s a lot of room to navigate with electronic variations. We also work with house, psychedelic, hip-hop and drum and bass.

Q: Why is electronic music so big with jam fans?

A: A lot of jam kids have turned to electronic music and it’s hugely popular with them

Electronic music really taps into a nerve of jam fans. It’s the new wave of improvisation, because it’s very spontaneous.

People like electronic, because they’re ready for that perfection. This is really the other arm of jam music.

Q: What’s happening with EOTO’s career and Friday’s show in Denver?

A: It’s been a really exciting time for EOTO and we feel we really have something worth promoting.

We’ve sold out a third of the clubs we’re playing and we’re really developing an audience. We have a new EP called Fire the Lazers. It’s now available at shows and digitally.

The show at the Gothic will be very compelling and we’re going to have lots of our friends on the bill.

Q: What’s the big String Cheese news?

A: We are going to be playing some shows next summer and fall. We’re not sure about the dates, but we’re definitely going to be playing.

We’re excited to put all we can into this incredible meeting of music, hearts and minds. It’s going to be exciting to reunite for those shows.

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