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Imogen Heap plays the Boulder Theater this weekend. Tickets are still available for the Sunday show.
Imogen Heap plays the Boulder Theater this weekend. Tickets are still available for the Sunday show.

Who: etown with Imogen Heap and Gregory Alan Isakov

When: 7 p.m. Sunday (Saturday show sold out)

Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.,

Cost: $21

Not many artists can pull off two shows in the same town, but innovative performer Imogen Heap’s ready to play two distinct concerts in Boulder.

Heap’s Saturday concert at the Fox sold out in record time. However, there are still tickets available for the artist’s Sunday visit to the environmentally friendly etown. The Boulder Theater show will also feature local fave Gregory Alan Isakov.

Heap is making a strategic hit on Boulder to promote her new CD, Ellipse. The album’s been making waves with its innovative use of laptop and pop elements, and it debuted at No. 5 on the “Billboard” charts.

The British singer-songwriter has been creating her inventive, electrified-pop tunes since she was a teen. While she may not be a radio star, Heap’s music has saturated the TV and movie markets and gained her a massive Twitter following.

“I’ve played music ever since I was young,” Heap said. “I eventually started writing songs and started recording. I liked the idea that I could put all these sounds that are inside my head out there for other people to listen to.”

Heap was discovered by British pop star Nik Kershaw (“Wouldn’t It Be Good”) and she started recording at the young age of 15.

“I had a record deal by the time I was 17,” Heap explained. “I thought if things didn’t work out, that I could go to college and study musical composition.

“I always knew that I wanted to travel the world and write pieces of music.”

Heap’s gathered an underground following of fans that avidly follow her inventive blend of pop and electronic stylings. The artist’s released several albums, but she had a musical epiphany after her 2005 release, Speak for Yourself.

“I started out when I was very young and it was all about being hedonistic,” Heap said. “It was all about experimenting with the music, but then I started thinking about how people at the other end really listened to my music.

“It suddenly dawned on me to be aware of my listeners. So, now I’m more aware of what they’ll be experiencing when I go to make my records.”

Heap carried out that plan for her newest CD, Ellipse. The musician created her ethereal blend of music with just enough techno and pop elements to please all her fans.

“I had to prove something to myself with my last record — and I was showing off a little bit,” explained Heap. “For this record, I had gone away to work on the bulk of the songwriting. I was well into the record when I stepped into the studio.

“I wanted to make a good record that really focused on the songwriting. I also made an instrumental version of Ellipse. I thought people would really like to be able to hear all the little details on an instrumental record.”

Heap’s fans have been thrilled with both editions of the album.

The musician may not receive a lot of mainstream radio play, but Heap’s fans find out about her music via massive twittering and on-line avenues.

Heap’s now ready to show off her songs to Boulder. While the Fox show is sold-out, the artist was anxious to get on board the etown environmental bandwagon.

“I’ve just gotten involved with this environmental organization called Clear Village,” Heap said. “I live in this village in Essex, England and nobody has any gardens — they’re the worst environmental culprits there.

“I had the idea that I’d like to see the village became self-sustainable. We all live on this planet and its time we all helped out. I even wrote a song called, ‘Earth’. It’s about getting to the stage where we have to do something.”

It sounds like Boulder’s the perfect market for Heap’s emotive brand of techno-pop.