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Stuart Davis sits at the news desk for his show "Sex, God 'n Rock & Roll" at Immersive Studios in Boulder.
Zak Wood
Stuart Davis sits at the news desk for his show “Sex, God ‘n Rock & Roll” at Immersive Studios in Boulder.

Stuart Davis does it all.

The alternative folk-rock artist tours steadily, writes and directs his own cable TV show and now he’s selling his calligraphy paintings.


Who: Stuart Davis

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: b.side Lounge, 2017 13th St., boulder

Cost: $10

Davis also appreciates his music community and Friday he’s playing one of the last big shows at the b.side Lounge. The venue will close its doors on Dec. 31, so the Boulder performer’s planned a multimedia concert for his last b.side visit.

Davis always comes up with new and exciting projects, and he was ready to tell the Colorado Daily about his latest creative adventures.

Q: What exciting things are happening with your career?

A: I’m getting ready to record my next album, which I’ll be doing at Boulder’s Immersive Studios. Feels like it’s shaping up to be one of the best albums yet.

I also wrote two screenplays — a comedy and a drama. Steve Brill (“Mr. Deeds,” “Little Nicky”) wants to direct one of them, so that’s been moving really fast.

I’ve also developed several new television series. I think you’ll be watching them on a larger TV network in early 2010. I can’t say any more yet.

Q: What will your upcoming be CD like and what’s up with the VIP packaging?

A: The new album is going to be a bit edgier than the last one. I loved Something Simple very much, but this next batch of songs has a more challenging kind of content.

There is a long list of songs that have been favorites at live shows, but I never put them on a studio album. Their time has come and they will be on this record.

I’ve also written a lot of new material, so this album will be a blend of those two sources.

The VIP packages are special bundles people can buy of highly personalized items. They include pre-release copies of the new record and copies of my unpublished books — signed by me. These are things that aren’t on sale anywhere else.

Q: How will your fan-powered record label work?

A: Yes, I am asking my fans to be the label. Basically, they can partner with me, and they are the label.

It’s a non-conventional loan. I’m not selling stock or shares. The fans partner with me, do a non-conventional loan and then they are first ones to make money.

I don’t make money on the album until they do. The full explanation is at

Q: What do you have planned for the b.side show on Dec. 4 and how do you feel about the club closing?

A: Sad isn’t it? I will be very bummed to see the club go.

What I have planned is a live concert by me, plus reading spoken word comedy from one of my books — and I’ll be screening a little bit of my TV show.

After the show, DJ Rekluse will take the stage and guide the party ’til it’s closing time. It’s going to be fantastic.

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