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Lynx & Janover bring their "folktronica" sounds to the Fox Theatre tonight.
Lynx & Janover bring their “folktronica” sounds to the Fox Theatre tonight.

The Fox Theatre is closing out the semester with a unique electronic music showcase.

Saturday night, the venue will feature electro-based acts Beats Antique, Lynx & Janover, Dominic Lalli and Dirt Monkey. All these performers add unusual spins to their techno beats, as they create some very exciting musical soundscapes.

If you go

Who: Lynx & Janover, with Beats Antique and Dominic Lalli

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $10.25-$15

Lynx & Janover

Lynx and Jamie Janover had successful solo careers before they united to form Lynx & Janover.

Lynx & Janover got its start in Colorado. That’s where the act found a new way to meld acoustic and electronic beats into its signature sound. The duo has created hip-hop and downtempo electronic grooves that feature folk-style writing, beatboxing and hammer dulcimer sounds.

Janover’s come a long way from his acoustic and jam music days. He’s a featured member of the electronic band Zilla, and every year he hosts Colorado’s Sonic Bloom electronica festival.

“Zilla decided to be less active, so that opened up some time for me,” Janover said. “I had seen Lynx play and I was blown away. We decided to tour together, but it made sense for these two entities to come together into one act.

“I’d been working on my ‘folktronica’ music and Lynx had been doing a lot of beatboxing. We started out playing acoustically, but then we started adding other things to the repertoire — like electronic looping. It developed into more of a live PA show featuring produced tracks with a computer.”

Lynx & Janover released Between Two Worlds in July. The record captures all the elements of the act’s acoustic and electronic worlds.

“The CD has seven tracks and it’s an example of what we really can do,” Janover said. “We started doing this 20 months ago, and we’ve already done a lot of traveling and played festivals.

“Because we’re playing electronic music and we have songs, we’re striking a chord with people. People love songs with words, and they love that our music comes from so many different elements.”

We All Have Hooks For Hands

The members of We All Have Hooks For Hands are still finishing up their college degrees, but this group still finds time to tour and build up its fanbase. Tuesday, the band hits Denver’s Larimer Lounge for a Radio 1190 show.

We All Have Hooks For Hands cranks out a blend of folk and pop music that invites audiences to sing along with the tunes. The band’s music is catching on, so the act’s busy juggling college and life on the road.

“We live in Sioux Falls, S.D., and it’s a pretty small community,” vocalist/ guitarist Eli Show said. “We’re taking a semester off to tour, but we’re going back next semester.

“It’s been worth it to travel. We’re music and art majors, so it’s definitely a lot more fun being on the road.”

We All Have Hooks For Hands is ready to show off its new material to Denver. The group will be playing songs from the new CD, The Shape of Energy.

“We play fun, lo-fi pop music,” Show said. “They’re songs that everyone can get behind and enjoy. Some songs are very quiet and some are very dramatic, but they’re all about being confident and how great it is to be alive.”


Shurman and the Railbenders are ready to play a special holiday party at the Bluebird Theater tonight.

Shurman started out as a Los Angeles band, but the group moved to Austin, Texas, in 2008 and changed up its musical mix.

“Austin has an incredible music scene,” frontman Aaron Beavers said. “Everyone comes to check out the bands. We’ve had everyone from Charlie Sexton to John Popper come to our shows.

“Shurman has elements of rock, roots and ’70s soul. We like to incorporate all these elements into this country-fried, soul-rock sound.”

Shurman’s now ready to hit Denver and rock out the Railbenders’ holiday bash.

“The Railbenders called us up to be part of their Christmas party and we said yes,” Beavers said. “We have a Christmas record, so we’re all set to play some holiday songs.

“I lived in Colorado for a year and it will be great to come back to Denver.”

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