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Refueling for finals: Five coffee spots to get that caffeine fix
Refueling for finals: Five coffee spots to get that caffeine fix

Must stay awake.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

The diet for the upcoming week of finals most will likely consist of substantial amounts of stimulants in the form of hot, 20-ounce beverages.

At least the subzero temperatures outside makes the coffee taste even better going down.

Since campus most likely will be your home for finals week, here are five great spots on and near campus to grab a hot cup.

1 Laughing Goat Café

Norlin Library, on campus

The new coffeehouse, adjacent to the equally new Norlin Commons, brings the famous organic Goat espresso drinks from Pearl Street to campus. Refuel with bagels, pastries or sandwiches. Be prepared to wait in line — the place is always hopping. Coffee will be brewed 24-7 during finals week.

Info:, 303-492-8705

2 Baby Doe’s

University Memorial Center food court

The coffee shop in the student center sells specialty drinks and edibles such as sandwiches and gourmet cookies. Even better — it has Little Debbie snacks for 50 cents. Lhat sugar high always enhances the late-night studying. Extended hours for finals: open until 2 a.m. today, Sunday and Monday-Wednesday; open until 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Info:, 303-492-6578

3 Pekoe Sip House

ATLAS building, on campus

The homegrown tea shop in the ATLAS building serves loose-leaf teas, tea-blended drinks, espresso and French-pressed coffee. Get a nice, energetic, natural buzz from a variety of teas. Extended hours for finals: open until 10 p.m. Saturday through Dec. 18.

Info:, 303-444-4535

4 Folsom St. Coffee

Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology building, on campus

The popular spot on Folsom and Arapahoe has a quaint café on campus. The coffee shop has a good variety of coffee drinks, apple cider and hot chocolate as well as breakfast and lunch items like burritos and Greek wraps. Open until 5 p.m. every day. Info:, 303-449-4241

5 Buchanan’s Coffee Pub

1301 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder

Buchanan’s is far enough away from campus, yet still close enough to fend off the temptations of those evil good times. The coffee house on the Hill serves up good coffee as well as Moe’s bagels and other snacks. Open until 10 p.m. every night.

Info: 303-440-0222

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