Mark Megibow beat boxes for Boulder vocal band Face, which is vying for a record contract on NBC s The Sing-Off. The show debuts Monday night.
“The Sing-Off”

What: Two-hour debut, featuring Boulder’s Face

When: 7 p.m. Monday

Channel: NBC

R eality TV is winding down the 2009 fall season, but the genre’s closing the year with some interesting Boulder connections.

Ben Folds and “The Sing-Off”

Monday night, Boulderites will gather around their TV sets to witness the debut of NBC’s “The Sing-Off.”

Local fans are particularly interested in this reality competition because Boulder vocal band Face is vying for a record contract.

Musician Ben Folds is a “Sing-Off” judge, and he has a vested interest in a cappella music. The performer has released a CD featuring university vocal bands, and CU’s Buffoons were part of the project.

Last week, Folds answered “Sing-Off” questions via a teleconference call. The musician says he’s ready to introduce a cappella music to mainstream America.

“We’ve already taped two shows so far, but the judges are only given a little information in advance,” Folds said. “So far, there have been minor themes to the songs thrown out there, and some songs have been chosen by the groups.

“The challenge for the first two or three shows is to get the musical arrangement issue out of the way.”

Folds says the remaining shows will challenge and elevate a cappella music.

“We’re seeing something important happen to an entire genre,” Folds said. “Pop and rock music hasn’t moved in years, and these guys have the opportunity to really elevate the a cappella genre. My final vote will be going to the band that takes this genre up a notch.

“This genre is really busting at the seams, because there are limitless possibilities of what you can do with your voice. This show is hitting at a time when a cappella is really developing.”

Hopefully, Face’s vocal skills will earn the band a record deal.

“Top Chef’s” Worst Season Ever

“Top Chef” Judge Tom Colicchio just announced his choice for the show’s “Worst Season Ever.”

The cooking pro named last season’s “Top Chef: New York” as the reality show’s worst season. The NYC version of the series rewarded Boulder’s Hosea Rosenberg with the top prize.

It gets worse, as Colicchio had a few other select quotes for the media.

“The four finalists this year would have won any other season before,” Colicchio said. “Jen, Kevin, Michael, Bryan — any of them would have won last season, possibly the season before. Last season’s winner probably would be sixth in this group.”


There’s more “Top Chef” news.

Last week, “Top Chef: Las Vegas” awarded Michael Voltaggio top honors. The kitchen pro wasn’t Mr. Personality, but he is a master chef.

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