Time management is probably one of the most important strategies a college student should master. It’s amazing how some people have time to do anything. There are so many distractions on campus, people’s grades are affected, and usually in a negative way.

First-semester freshmen probably struggle with this the most. Coming from high school, there were few previous experiences that students have in order to gain skills for time management. Incoming students are unprepared for the workload and over-estimate the amount of free time they have in college, and they have yet to learn the skills to use time wisely.

I propose a solution to this problem. Instead of having multiple lectures and seminars at orientation about the same thing, colleges could change the agenda in order to help incoming freshmen. Offer a session on how important time management is and give some helpful time management strategies; use this to replace one of the multiple alcohol education classes.

On the University of Colorado Web site, it states directly that orientation will help prepare for the first semester of classes. However, I found that the only help that is given towards first semester is how to register for classes.

If CU could put a little time into helping freshmen with their conversion to higher-level education, students would be better prepared and better off for the future.

Kyle McCann

CU student

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