If the bailout of the very banks that wrecked the economy wasn’t enough evidence, then surely the healthcare “reform” process reveals what a sham our democracy has become.

Our government is of, by and for the worst corporations on Wall Street.

If our elected representatives are so foolish and/or corrupt to think that anyone wants to be FORCED to buy junk insurance from a criminal insurance industry (the real death panels), then they need to think again.

I demand the right for any American to buy into Medicare. Single-payer would be even better. A robust public option could theoretically be acceptable. Anything less is an insult to Americans and a giveaway to narrow and destructive insurance company interests.

For those so deluded by our corporate media (yes, folks, that’s corporate, not liberal) and talking heads who believe that our current system is to be defended because it is “the free market,” understand two things:

1.) The insurance industry is exempt from anti-trust regulations. They have a “legal” monopoly. Do you think that’s “free market?” In case you’re still confused, it isn’t.

2.) When Adam Smith laid out his vision of a free market, he said it must be FREE FROM ABUSE of monopolies and of entrenched powers. He did NOT say free from regulation. Far from it. Think about that and share it with your friends and family. Please. It’s about as important a distinction as can be made.

I am amazed that we have sunk so low that when a plan proposes to force people to buy junk insurance, it is sold by saying, “But what’s the problem, we’re expanding coverage to 31 million more Americans!”

Mr. Obama and “centrist” senators should understand that in addition to giving a terrible industry more customers, they’re also giving teabaggers an incredible gift. Teabaggers will say, “Mandated coverage is good? That’s like Hitler telling the Jews, ‘Hey I’m providing you with housing, what are you complaining about?'”

And for once the Teabaggers will be right.

Dane Cobble


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