Some kind of creature from  Daybreakers.
Ben Rothstein
Some kind of creature from Daybreakers.

In the “Daybreakers” future, the vampires have it all worked out.

No longer just nocturnal, they now run the show — day and night.

They`re not “cursed.” Not in their own eyes, anyway. Immortality and designer clothes, there isn`t a “True Blood” Louisiana redneck vampire to be found.

Can`t drive during the day? Fit cars with blackout windows and drive by video screen.

Need blood? It`s farmed in gigantic dairy styled processing facilities where the few surviving humans are captured and then sucked dry.

But that blood supply is about to run out. For the blood baron (Sam Neill), that`s a cause for concern. He has his best man on it, hematologist Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke, pale and fanged). Edward will find a blood substitute, something they can bottle like pinot noir.

“Daybreakers” is a stylish but unavoidably silly sci-fi vampire thriller shot in that “Matrix” / “Gattaca” futurescape of Australia. German co-directors, the Spierig brothers, dazzle us with the inventiveness of this post-human world where Uncle Sam has fangs (“Capture Humans!” read the posters) and that line at the coffee bar could turn deadly, and not just because these blood-suckers need their caffeine.